Is cleaning your house a task you approach with great trepidation? And when you think of cleaning up, do you think of the hours of blood, sweat and tears that are ahead of you? Well, it doesn’t have to be like that. And people with these good habits know this secret all too well. Just a few minutes of presence of mind can save you, literally, from hours of cleaning turmoil. Do you think you could practice these habits of people who always have clean houses?

  • They Put Things Back Where They Belong:

It sounds like a no-brainer, but right after you use something, like a book, DVD, etc, put it right back where it came from. That way, you don’t have to do this with a ton of out-of-place things in a panic before guests come over.

  • They Put Their Clothes Away Each Night:

When you change into your pjs, put your clothes right into the hamper or hang them back up. It can be too tempting to throw them on the back of a chair or on the bed. But taking care of the clothes right then and there will stop them from piling up.

  • They Don’t Let the Dishes Pile Up:

Take a few minutes to do 3 or 4 dishes instead of letting a monstrous mountain of dishes accumulate.

  • They Wipe Down Surfaces Immediately After Use:

A quick wipe of surfaces every day is easier than a full out war with dirty surfaces that have accumulated grease, stains and whatever-else.

  • They Dust and Vacuum Casually and Regularly:

A quick dusting or vacuum session a couple times a week will save you from a more time-consuming job if you let it wait.

  • They Don’t Keep Much of a Paper Trail:

Create a good filing system that helps you to save important things and toss the things you don’t need. This should prevent those pesky flyers, menus and other junk mail from accumulating.

  • They Always Make the Bed:

Nothing says clean like a bed that’s always made and clutter-free. Don’t let your bed be a catch-all for clothes and other junk!