Gucci Is Now Selling Dirty Sneakers with Scuff Marks for a Whopping $870

We love an old-world look from time to time. For example, distressed furniture. There are a slew of techniques to DIY your own garage sale find into what looks like a rare, vintage piece. You can even turn an old-fashioned globe into a pendant light.

We also can appreciate vintage clothes. Styles do come back around, after all, and there are many ways to make old-fashioned clothes have a modern flair.

What we weren’t expecting to find was a brand new item, shoes, to be exact, that come looking distressed. Sure, we’ve been wearing ripped jeans that come with that broken-in look for years now, but shoes, that’s new.

No, the shoes don’t have holes in them. That would be taking the look too far, but they are pre-dirtied. We’re talking the inside and outside the shoes here. The white leather looks like you’ve already gotten it dirty, so no need to worry about scuffing them up a bit when you’re out and about. We assume it would just enhance the look. Even the shoelaces look dirty.

These are designer shoes, and the price tag is pretty hefty but nothing too unusual considering that they’re made by Gucci. It’ll cost you a $870 to bring home a pair of these worn-in looking shoes.

Gucci’s website describes the sneakers as follows: “A pastiche of different influences that span across decades, the Cruise 2019 collection references old school shapes and materials inspired by vintage sportswear. Influenced by classic trainers from the ’70s, the Screener sneakers—named for the defensive sports move—feature the Web stripe on the side and vintage Gucci logo, treated for an allover distressed effect.”

We personally think we could buy a new-looking pair of tennis shoes for a lot less and get them looking scuffed up all by ourselves, but if you don’t have time for that, and if you like your sneakers to look dirty, we mean, “distressed,” then Gucci has you covered.

Watch the video below for more details about these shoes, and to see an even more expensive pair of “distressed” shoes that Gucci has for sale.

What are your thoughts about “distressed” designer shoes?