There are some essentials that your Super Bowl party cannot be without. Namely? Buffalo chicken wings, chips, plenty of beer (for those of us that are of age) and guacamole. No matter what kind of dip you prefer, you have to admit that guacamole it reigns supreme for game day, and that it’s assured that any crowd will clean the bowl.

While you can buy store-bought guac from anywhere, making it is a really nice touch for your guests. Plus, it gives you permanent bragging rights.

But the biggest thing that’s probably keeping you from preparing your own guacamole for the big day is the intimidation factor. On the surface, guac seems like kind of a fancy thing, even if it’s been grossly more normalized than it used to be. Despite that, it’s still the fanciest of dips; you can just add a packet of seasoning to sour cream, mix, and call it a day. There are more steps involved and actual food is required, which probably scares off some amateur cooks.

But don’t be scared of prepared guac from scratch! It’s so much easier than you think, and Food & Wine is going to show you just how simple it can be. All you need is this one brilliant hack.

The biggest thing that makes guacamole difficult is the mashing of the avocados, but using this one basic kitchen tool makes that difficulty virtually vanish. The tool isn’t anything fancy or rare, it’s something you probably have sitting in your cabinets or oven right now!

What is it, you ask? A simple baking rack.

This tutorial is going to show you a brilliant way to use your humble baking rack in a way that will make preparing guacamole a breeze. Instead of spending minutes pitting and mashing the inside of your avocado, using this one tool reduces this chore to seconds.

Not only does this hack make this recipe so much easier, but it also uses EVERY part of the flesh of the avocado. There’s no room for wasted avocados when you’re going to have a mob of hungry football fans at your house.

Make sure to watch the full Food & Wine video below to get the full instructions on this hack! The video even comes with a great, zesty guac recipe that you can make after you use this hack.