If you are a longtime reader of ours, then you know that we are absolutely crazy about weddings! We just can’t help it; even the mere thought of heartfelt vows and beautiful gowns gets our hearts fluttering. So, when we came across what is perhaps the sweetest reaction to a walk down the aisle we’ve ever seen, we just knew we had to share it with all of you!

The viral clip, presented with commentary from our buds over at Right This Minute, come to us from none other than the star/groom himself, a man by the name of Cody Elswick.

Earlier this month, Cody married the love of his life, Megan, in a gorgeous outdoor ceremony in Townsend, Tennessee. Judging by the couple’s photos, the occasion would be noteworthy all on its own, but it’s not their charming, rustic theme that has garnered attention online—it’s Cody’s adorable reaction at the altar.

The clip starts off with the dapper-looking groom, awaiting his soon-to-be wife’s entrance. We’ve never been in his position before, but we bet it’s a nerve-racking one—and all of those normal wedding day jitters sure are showing on our hero’s face!

One of our all-time favorite wedding songs plays— “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri—as the camera stays focused right on the groom. It’s a bit of an odd angle, considering this is usually the bride’s time to shine, but we sure are happy that someone got this man’s reaction.

Once Megan steps out into the aisle, he immediately breaks down—and we’re not talking little tears here, we’re talking a once-in-a-lifetime, epic cry. The groom looks so incredibly humbled by the woman walking towards him!

Here’s what Cody had to say about the now-famous moment, in his own words:

I will warn you I cry like a child…but the feeling when a man first sees his wife walking towards him is a feeling that words cannot describe…

The sweet story of the Elswicks

Cody and Megan’s romantic future wasn’t always as certain as it is now. In a story posted to The Knot, the grateful groom describes the difficult journey that lead them to the altar.

The pair has been together for a whopping eight years, but they had to keep things long-distance for the first five. When things started to get more serious, Megan made the big leap and moved out to Tennessee to be with Cody. Since then, the couple has built a comfy home life with their two doggies, Max and Chloe. How sweet is that?!

Now that you know all about this gorgeous couple, you need to see Cody’s amazing reaction for yourself. Just click on the video below—after you grab the Kleenex, of course. If this clip doesn’t make you shed some tears of joy, we don’t know what will!

We can’t wait to hear what you have to say about this blubbering groom! Were you emotional on your wedding day? Do you relate to Cody and Megan’s story? What was the sweetest wedding you ever attended?