This couple brings a whole new meaning to “in sickness and in health.” Five weeks before their late August wedding, Hannah was in a terrible car accident. She shattered her pelvis, broke her ribs, and even punctured her lungs. Despite all that physical and mental trauma, she was determined to still get married to her husband-to-be, Stuart, on their planned day.

Getting ready with her bridesmaids, Hannah looks stunning. You would never know the injuries she suffered or what she had been through just in the past few weeks, weeks that are meant to be the happiest of her life.

Wearing a gorgeous cap-sleeve gown with a sheer lace top, Hannah’s bridesmaids help her put a beautiful bouquet of pale pink and green flowers in her lovely updo. You can’t help but grin when you see how glowing she looks, even if you don’t know her.

Hannah's bridesmaids help her get ready.Sarah Grace
Then she’s helped into her wheelchair and your heart just breaks a little. Still, no matter what, she looks incredibly happy and excited.

Her dad, in a somewhat traditional fashion, begins to wheel her down the aisle. However, they begin to have some problems; the ceremony is outside on a grassy lawn, and her wheelchair is having a hard time getting over the terrain.

Try as her father might to get his daughter to Stuart, who is waiting at the alter, it’s clear they’re struggling. It could take who knows how long, and you can only imagine Hannah’s heart is sinking somewhat.

hannah-down-aisleSarah Grace
Then, something truly tear-jerking happens.

Stuart, who has been waiting in his traditional place at the other end of the aisle, suddenly makes up his mind. He leaves the alter and marches back down the aisle to where his bride is stuck in the grass. In on quick movement, he lifts Hannah out of her chair and carries her effortlessly down the aisle.

At this point, I have completely broken down into tears. Stuart is so tender but defensive of his bride, and Hannah is so clearly touched that her husband would do what he needed to do to make sure their wedding ceremony went as planned.

Groom carries his bride down the aisle.TODAY
Although we don’t see the ceremony, Stuart carries Hannah back down the aisle after their vows have been exchanged. The crowd around them is cheering, clapping, and no doubt crying, as Stuart takes Hannah off to the reception, kissing his bride as he whisks her away.

What a true and touching testament to true love! This is the perfect example of what marriage should be. Not everything is perfect, and sometimes your partner needs to step in and help you out. They’re your sidekick, your best friend, your support system, so it should be their instinct to step in and help when you need them.

In the most literal way, this is the perfect example of your partner lifting you up in your time of need. How incredibly beautiful!

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