Mom Shares How to Get Kids Into Grocery Carts Without Breaking Your Back

Grocery shopping with kids definitely presents it’s challenges. When you have babies, you have to decide whether it’s easier to baby wear, push a stroller through the store, or put the infant car seat in the cart. When children are a little older, unless you wrangle them inside a shopping cart, they can end up running around the store and pulling items off shelves that you have no intention of buying.

The shopping cart can be a lifesaver in these situations. Sure, you don’t have as much room for groceries with a child sitting inside a shopping cart, but since your child can’t run away from you when he or she is in the cart, the shopping trip is quicker and easier.

Although children may be little, that doesn’t mean that they’re light. Lifting a 30+ pound child into a shopping cart can be backbreaking especially for older people (like grandparents) or pregnant women. So, what are you to do?

Thankfully, a mom in Houston, Texas recently shared a genius hack on Facebook, and parents everywhere are thrilled at finally having an easy way to get their squirmy, wriggly kiddos in and out of the shopping cart without having to pick them up.

Laura Castrillo, the mom who posted the hack, said she originally learned this hack from her stepmom and just recently thought it share it with her own mom.

Laura said, “My mom is permanently disabled due to multiple back problems. After taking my son on errands with her, she complained that lifting him in and out of the cart had left her back very sore. I recorded the video to show her how we get around that. I thought it could help others.”

You’re seriously going to wonder why you didn’t think of this yourself years ago.

You know how there’s that flap under the handle part of the carts that folds up so that all the carts can be pushed together to form sort of a cart train? That front part of the cart can also fold up to make a doggie door of sorts for your child to easily climb into and out of the cart.

It’s just as easy as it sounds. Here’s the video Laura shared on facebook that shows you exactly what to do.

Since posting this video on Facebook, it has been shared more than 57,000 times.

Will you use this shopping cart hack? What are your favorite grocery shopping hacks?