Grilling is one of the best parts of summer. One of our favorite things to throw on the grill? Chicken! But usually, grilling chicken can take a long time. Mainly because there’s so many different parts to the chicken and each batch has to cook thoroughly through. Well, if you’ve got a starving crowd to feed and they need food STAT, we’ve got a great little trick for you! Watch the video below to learn how to grill an ENTIRE chicken in 20 minutes.

It sounds intimidating to grill an entire chicken – there’s a lot of meat to cook, that’s for sure! ESPECIALLY in 20 minutes. That just sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not! The trick is in butterflying the chicken. With the chicken butterflied, it will cook all the way through quickly with no problem at all. Brilliant.


STEP 1: Butterfly your chicken. If you don’t know how, ask at the store! The butcher can do it for you.
STEP 2: Season that bad boy with some olive oil, lemon, and our favorite herbs. Rub the mixture ALL over your chicken, on both sides.
STEP 3: Skin side down first, put the chicken on the grill on medium-high heat.
STEP 4: A few minutes in, flip the chicken so it’s skin up. Then cover it and let it cook for about 15 more minutes.

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