Mess-Free Way to Cook Delicious Fish on the Grill

The best food hacks are always the ones that make us smack our heads and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?!” For example, we’ve learned a simple way to cut corn kernels off the cob without using a cutting board, and we’ve learned a very convenient way to cook bacon.

Now that summer’s almost here, we have grilling on our minds, and we’re super excited to share a simple way to cook fish on the grill. The best part is that you don’t need any special spray or grilling pan. You won’t be wrapping the fish in foil. For that matter, you won’t be wrapping it in anything at all.

All you need is a lemon.

Lemon and fish are a perfect pair. We often squeeze a little bit of lemon juice on top of our fish to give it a wonderful flavor, but this grilling trick will have the lemon taste grilled directly into your fish.

Go ahead and slice a lemon. Then watch the video below from Tesco Food and Wine. In this quick video, they show us why putting lemons on the grill is a super smart thing to do, adding not only some citrusy zest to your meal, but solving a common problem in the tastiest way. Check it out!

Amazingly easy, right? We’ve cooked fish with lemon before, but the idea of using the lemon of the grill so that the fish doesn’t stick to the grill was new for us. We also love that the lemon adds flavor to the fish while it’s cooking. This recipe would work with all kinds of fish fillets too. You could try salmon, catfish or tilapia, for example.

If this trick has you in the mood for more ways to enjoy a burst of citrus flavor, we recommend trying out this easy 5-ingredient recipe for lemon bars and these blueberry pancakes bites with lemon glaze. If you want to try other seafood recipes with a burst of citrus, try this easy recipe for pan seared lemon scallops.

How do you usually cook fish on the grill? Are you going to try cooking fish on top of sliced lemons? What are your favorite side dishes to eat with grilled fish?