Whether you have dogs or not you know that they can be territorial. Not all dogs are aggressive when expressing this side of themselves, but you will know when you receive a reminder about something that belongs to them.

This dog dad got a sweet chastising from his Great Dane, Henry, who means business. But first, let’s paint a picture. You know how the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears went, right?

When those bears came home and discovered someone had commandeered their individual spaces all over their home, it was a big problem. And they let the intruder know that.

No one likes to have someone take over their bed without permission. Imagine how you would feel if you went into your room only to find your nice, comfy spot was occupied by an uninvited guest. This was the case with Henry’s bed.

His papa decided to pull a prank and take a nap in the gentle giant’s domain but it was not a welcome gesture. Henry immediately directs his attention to what his owner is doing and wastes no time in addressing the matter as only a massive dog can.

Dog parents are no strangers to dog-speak, so you’ll recognize it when you hear Henry tell the man to move. At first, he tries reasoning with him, saying it in plain dog vernacular that he’s got to find someplace else to crash. When that doesn’t work, he lets his paws do a little bit of the talking.

That was not successful either. After a little bit of back-and-forth, and nudging with his head Henry falls prey to the ultimate distraction: petting. The neck rub and chest petting are enough to send Henry into a state of euphoria and he temporarily forgets about the bed issue. Temporarily.

He shakes himself out of it and proceeds with more attempts to remove his owner from his plush pillow. He’s a smart one, but the gentle nudges aren’t quite enough.

Believe or not, the history of the Great Dane wasn’t always so gentle. They were once bred for their fierce hunting abilities and could take down large game. Aggressive and strong, they were not to be toyed with. But today it’s a different story, as their evolution has made them extremely docile, loving, and playful.

Although they’re not considered among the most intelligent of breeds, these dogs are loyal, kind, and very family-oriented. Like the Great Dane Scooby Doo, they have no problem acting goofy and having good time.

We’re pretty sure that Henry has all those same qualities, but the fellow obviously has a special love for his bed cushion. Keep an ear and eye on this video to see how this doggie reacts to the takeover, and be sure to check out how the two resolve things.

Thank goodness this didn’t turn into a wrestling match or we might be kind of worried.

Do you love Great Danes and the way they communicate? What do you think of Henry’s reaction to his owner?