He Says, “It’s Time to Take a Bath.” This Dog’s Reaction? So Funny!

It was the standoff to end all standoffs. When this Great Dane is told that it’s time for her bath, she does about anything she can think of to get out of it. And the results are absolutely hilarious. The funniest part of all is that, being a Great Dane, she is a VERY big dog, so seeing her owner try to pick her up to get her to the bathroom is quite a sight! Watch the video below to see the whole hilarious ordeal.

My favorite part is when he’s trying to get her down the hallway – she’s shoving her paws into the ground and he has to push her all the way down to the bathroom! At every door, she tries to turn into it, but her owner is not having it. And then, finally, he gets her to the bathroom – and she makes a quick U-turn and escapes.

Got to hand it to her, she is quick.

And then, of course, at the end he wants her to high five him and she completely leaves him hanging…can you blame her, though?