Grease stains are notoriously difficult to get out. Whether it came from under your car or that cheeseburger you had for lunch, once grease gets on clothing it has a tendency to stay there and not want to come off. No need to run out to the store to buy expensive chemical products, the solution you need to nix grease stains is right under your nose! This three-ingredient, homemade stain cleaner is perfect for removing all types of oil stains – olive oil, mayo, automotive oil, whatever kind of grease you can get your hands on. Or your clothes on, for that matter.

The best part of all? You only need three simple ingredients to make this DIY cleaning product. Each ingredient is very inexpensive and it only takes about a minute of your time to whip up this miracle concoction.

Here’s what you’ll need and what you’ll need to do to get started:


  • 1 tbsp. liquid dish soap
  • 1 tbsp. glycerin
  • 8 tbsp. warm water
  • Squirt bottle
  • Funnel


  1. Use the funnel to get all the ingredients neatly into the squirt bottle. Add the dish soap, glycerin, and water to the container.
  2. Shake the mixture up.
  3. Squirt the mixture onto the grease stain and work it into the fabric.
  4. Let the garment sit for 15 minutes.
  5. Launder your clothing as usual.

The trick behind the whole formula is that grease removes grease. In this formula, glycerin is the ingredient that contains grease. So when the oil from the glycerin comes in contact with the oil from the stain, the grease regenerates on your clothing and can easily be washed out of fabric.

Applying stain remover to grease stain.OWN

You can find glycerin in the lotion section of any pharmacy or grocery store – you can find it there because its original purpose is to moisturize dry skin. You should be able to be a store-brand bottle of glycerin for only a few bucks. Then you can keep this product to keep making your stain solution or to incorporate into your beauty routine!

You can keep this miracle mixture on a shelf in your laundry room to easily incorporate it into your regular laundry routine. It only takes an extra 15 minutes (to let the solution set into the stain) longer than your regular routine would. Other than that, you can wash your stained garment as per usual!

You’ll be amazed when your clothes come out of the wash with no grease stain to be found. It’s like a laundry miracle.

What do you think of this homemade stain remedy? Do you use a different method to get rid of greasy stains? Share them in the comments section below.