We all know that when we need some words of wisdom and timeless advice, turning to our grandparents is the most-loving best bet. And while there are lots of aphorisms and proverbs worthy of cross-stitching on pillows, our favorite classic suggestion is to “dance like nobody’s watching“— advice these two grandmothers below have taken to heart!

After all, who in the world could ever argue that you’re “too old” to dance? We don’t just mean gentle bobbing or hesitant two-stepping either. No, we’re talking about grandparents who give it their all, diving into the music with abandon and enthusiasm that should make people much, much younger inspired— and maybe even a little jealous!

Even better, there are plenty of grandparents out there putting to rest any stereotypes about the kinds of music they enjoy dancing, too. That old chestnut about “turning that loud music down”? Forget it! Everybody of any age can shake their groove thing to music from any era.

Need proof? Stop, collaborate and listen! You might remember this clip; it’s one of the all-time-classic dancing grandma videos. This granny – affectionately known as “Mama C” – may be preparing some dinner in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean she can’t get her groove on at the same time. Her music choice? Even better!

I honestly don’t know which part of this classic video I love more: the moment she dramatically kicks off her shoes; the split-second where she almost falls but manages to catch herself without losing the beat; her concerned and confused dog; or when the camera momentarily cuts to her husband in the background, deeply unconcerned and obviously used to this kind of thing happening on the regular. It’s all so wonderful!

And it really shouldn’t be a surprise, either. Humans have been dancing in celebration for nearly as long as they’ve existed. As one commenter on the video above noted, the older generations “invented moves!”– and, arguably, those classic moves are far more impressive than most of what gets called “dancing” nowadays.

Exhibit A? This grandmother in Argentina. According to her grandchild, “After a Sunday lunch, I put the song to play and my grandma started dancing. I recorded and sent to family members, after few hours the video was already a hit on social media.”

Watching it for ourselves, it’s absolutely obvious why it became an instant hit. This grandmother’s enthusiasm is absolutely infectious, and you can see how much the years just don’t matter when that beat starts up. You can just see her younger self peeking through, and flashback to the days when she would have danced this way with friends during a night out.

Heck, maybe she still does— and after all, she needs a partner. Watch her in the video below, and you’ll want to volunteer to dance with her immediately.

Now that’s what I call dancing! I just adore the moment about halfway through when she flourishes her skirt a little!

Do these grandmothers have you inspired to turn up the music and dance? Do your grandparents prefer dancing to the classics like our Argentinian friend, or do they get down to newer stuff like “Mama C”? How often do you “dance like nobody’s watching”? Share your thoughts, then go share a dance!