There is nothing a doting grandchild wouldn’t do for their grandparent, especially when they’re as close as David Goodings is with his “Nan,” Iris. Goodings is a London-based radio and TV presenter, and planned on using his radio power to give his beloved grandma the surprise birthday present of a lifetime. Recently, Goodings picked up his beloved Nan on her 85th birthday for a special ride in the car — but she had no idea that her grandson had an epic birthday treat in store.

“I thought I would do something a little bit different for my nan this year,” he wrote on YouTube. “Once she was in the car and thinking she was listening to the radio, she suddenly got the biggest shock of her life.”

The two are driving along, listening to music on the radio (his radio station, we’re willing to bet). All of the sudden, the music cuts off and a broadcaster interrupts the radio with what sounds like very serious breaking news. But Grandma Iris is completely stunned when the broadcaster goes on to announce her birthday! She bursts out laughing at the birthday surprise – but it is far from over.

The radio DJ then says, “Time for some birthday messages,” and proceeds to play a stream of heartwarming recordings, all wishing Iris a happy birthday and sending their love.

As it turns out, David had secretly enlisted Iris’ friends and family from all over the world to record personal messages for her. There’s one from her “favorite granddaughter,” who leaves a hilarious little message, and even one from her newborn baby granddaughter, Hannah.

Nan gets emotional to birthday surprise.LittleThings
At this point, Iris has begun to cry! But just as she’s taking off her glasses to wipe away the tears, David unveils the final stage of the birthday surprise.

He tells her that, try as he might, he was unable to get a message from her brother, who lives far away in Australia. David apologies to his Nan and suggest they change the radio station – obviously, neither us nor Iris believe that there won’t be another surprise on the next station! He changes the station and almost immediately, a new recording comes on: naturally, it’s Iris’ brother, sending her love from down under.

It’s clear from how Iris’ brother talks about her that the two are very close, and Nan can’t even look up anymore she’s become so emotional. She listens to her brother’s heartwarming message with her face in her hands, sobbing.

Goodings notices his grandmother wiping the tears away with tissues she kept in her purse. “Nan, don’t get emotional!” he tells her. “I didn’t want to upset you. We just wanted to show you how much you mean to us.”

After Goodings’ video went viral, he told Nan that she was quickly becoming internet-famous. He asked her how many views she thought it had, to which she said, “100?”

Close, Nan! Try more like seven million views.

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