Grandma Saves Police Officer’s Life By Jumping On Attacker’s Back

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, and 56-year-old Vickie Williams-Tillman proves that to be true. The Baton Rouge grandmother was driving around town running errands one day when she noticed a situation she couldn’t ignore.

As she was driving down a local back road, she noticed Officer Billie Amie was having an argument with a civilian. Something in her gut told her the police officer needed help; maybe it was the look of the civilian or the high tension of the situation, but Vickie knew she had to at least stop and ask if everything was alright.

Vickie rolled down her car window and asked if the officer needed assistance. But in that moment, the man jumped on Officer Amie, grabbed his baton, and began brutally hitting the cop on the head.

Immediately, Vickie slammed on her brakes, called 911, and then got out of her car. She didn’t just throw things from a distance or yell at the assailant, Vickie jumped right into the action; she pounced on the back of the criminal just as he was reaching for Amie’s gun.

Police officer and grandmother.Inside Edition

With Vickie’s help, Amie managed to get the attacker off of him before he could reach the deadly weapon. The two fought off the man and kept him at the scene of the crime until backup arrived.

The suspect was identified as Thomas Bennett, who was arrested and charged with attacking an officer. It couldn’t have been done without the help of this passerby. Who knows how this situation may have ended without Vickie’s assistance.

“I’m just glad that he’s here,” Vickie tearfully told Inside Edition. “He was in a struggle. He needed help. I said ‘I can’t leave him.’ I looked in his eyes, and he looked back at me.”

To celebrate her heroism, Vickie was honored by Officer Amie, the police chief, and the mayor of Baton Rouge at a well-attended ceremony.

“This a true here right, a hero that saved my life,” Officer Amie said at the ceremony.

Vickie told reporters that her husband always told her she was a “tough cookie”, and we can’t help but agree! It takes someone particularly tough to have jumped into a situation like Vickie did and to actually take physical action. Her bravery was more than what’s expected of an average civilian, especially she was coming to the rescue of a police officer!

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