If you’re fortunate, some of the coolest relationships you’ve formed in life will be with your grandparents. They spoil. They have smart mouths. They spoil. They love unconditionally. And they spoil.

Some are master storytellers. Others are adventurous. Many are fountains of wisdom (sprinkled with wisecracks). Who doesn’t love grandparents? To keep the party going, you grow up and foster relationships between your own kids and your parents. But it can be hard when distance keeps you apart.

As it goes, technology has kept Grandma Tutu in touch with her toddler granddaughter in lieu of face-to-face visits. She hasn’t seen her son or his family in over a year – 14 months to be exact. But video chats over Tango have helped to keep them connected.

When the video starts rolling, we’re told that the family decided to pop into town for a family reunion, unannounced. Traveling from Los Angeles to Oregon on a humbug, they are standing feet away from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. The son says Mom/Grandma has no idea that they’re coming.

A plan is hatched to surprise Grandma Tutu by showing up on her doorstep. But first, they have to call her on Tango and try to act normal. Carried by her dad, the little girl’s face is in the screen as they walk through a small field towards the house. In between greetings, Grandma is heard asking, “What are you doing? Where are you?” Just taking a walk. . .hehe.

Image of dad and daughter on the phone.Elle

Uh oh. I think she’s on to their ruse. As dad and daughter continue to walk, inching closer to the house, Grandma Tutu can be heard yelling on the phone: “OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! THEY’RE HERE!”

Her excited yells are carried all the way out the front door and as she bolts out to see her darling grandbaby. Joy isn’t the word the describe it. You have to watch the video to get the full effect of her reaction, and thanks to the phone cam, you will feel like you’re there. I love Grandma Tutu. And her jumping jacks. And her tattoo.

Grandpa is also excited but he’s super cool and chill about it. And somewhere in there, baby girl’s parents get some love too. But you know in those moments, it’s all about the grands. This was such a special moment for this family and they certainly brightened the grandparents’ day. With energy like Grandma Tutu’s, we’re sure this visit was one for the record books.

Besides the buckets of affection involved, studies show that close relationships between grandparents and grandchildren is actually good for everyone’s emotional health. What’s not to love about hanging out with our grandparents? The stories! The hugs! The unexpected gifts! The endless supply of candy!

Have any of you carried out a sneaky surprise visit for the love of grandparents? What makes your grandparents awesome? If you’re a grandparent that lives far away, how do you keep the bond tight with your grandkids? Share with us in the comments!