If you’ve ever sat and thought, ‘I wonder if it would be possible for a person to get stuck behind a dryer that has just been fixed and re-installed’, firstly, you have some very original questions about life, and secondly, we have a video that answers your questions! Hilariously so, we might add…

The video, which has received 5 million views on Facebook and millions of others on YouTube, features a predicament that we can confidently say, many people never find themselves in. The clip, which was filmed by loving granddaughter, Emily McDaneld, shows a grandma, Gagi, get stuck behind a dryer after her husband and another friend fix the machine and re-install it.

Apparently, Gagi was asked to secure the very final strap that would be holding the newly-serviced dryer in place, but once she achieved the task, all parties realized that they were now facing a puzzle so mind-bending that it rivals even the highest levels of Tetris:

Gagi was stuck behind the dryer. And, the only way to comfortably remove her would be to un-install the dryer.

Quite a predicament, right? Well, instead of un-installing the appliance, her husband told her to “crawl right over the top.”

Yep, we’re guessing Gagi wasn’t too happy with him either!

But, luckily for everyone else in the world who wasn’t standing in that laundry room, Gagi’s granddaughter, Emily, managed to get the whole thing on video. After the uproarious family event had commenced, she uploaded it onto YouTube. This is what she had to say about it:

Always an adventure in this house. Our Bapa fixed the dryer but needed some help putting it back in place. Maybe not the best thought out plan ever, but sure good for some laughs. Poor Gagi!

In an interview with Yahoo! Lifestyle, Emily reflected on the hilarious incident and why she loves the fact that so many people have witnessed it for themselves. “We are so surprised!” Emily says of the video’s viral status. “We really only shared the video for our friends and family to see, but it is so cool to see how many people are finding joy in our family fun.”

Of course, the reason why this video gained ‘viral’ status is that the idea of multiple people not realizing that the grandmother’s positioning would get her stuck behind the very piece of machinery that they were fixing is, in one word, HILARIOUS, the scenario isn’t the only thing that makes it funny.

It’s the way in which these guys pull her out from BEHIND the dryer.

We’re not going to lie, the “procedure” is a bit of a ‘nail-biter’, but it’s one that’s well worth watching. And–spoiler alert–she does make it out just fine. No broken hips for Gagi!

Now that you’ve been clued in on this video’s hilarious backstory, it’s time for you to see it for yourself. To see this granny’s dryer re-installation gone wrong, be sure to watch the video below!

We can’t wait to hear your take on this viral video! Did it have you laughing? Has something similar ever happened to you before? What’s your all-time favorite viral clip?