It’s hard to think of a more comforting Southern meal than a warm buttery biscuit. But do you know what’s better than a warm, buttery biscuit? An adorable grandma who makes warm, buttery biscuits!

Seriously, there’s nothing quite like a grandma’s biscuits is there? Especially when they’re from the south and know what they’re doing (have you ever had a Southern biscuit that tasted bad? We think not).

Case in point: Patsy Wilbanks, a grandmother who lives in Georgia. With the help of her grandson Chris, the 77-year-old created a three-video tutorial for how to make her delicious famous homemade biscuits. And it quickly went viral for how adorable it was.

The videos were created to simply give to a family friend so they knew how to make Patsy’s recipe, but once they were put out there for the world to see, it wound up being shared thousands of times because of how precious it was.

In her 70s, Patsy didn’t quite know what going viral meant, but she was thrilled that so many people enjoyed her videos.

“At first when somebody would make a comment on my Facebook page I would answer it. Then it just started going boom, boom, boom and I couldn’t answer everybody so I just had to put a thank you to everybody,” Wilbanks said.

Now, she has fans from all over baking her biscuits and sending her photos. “I mean, everybody, this is such an honor. I can’t believe they would watch my video and make those biscuits,” she said.

Wikibanks’ biscuits are made with simple ingredients, such as flour, Crisco, buttermilk, and melted butter…a perfect, comforting recipe to make while in quarantine. After baking the dough for just 13 minutes, you’ve got a delicious biscuit you can enjoy for breakfast or as a side for lunch or dinner.

Of course, this grandma knows how to bake much more than biscuits. Wilbanks says she plans to create more cooking videos soon demonstrating some other comforting Southern recipes she has up her sleeve. Stay tuned!

For now, you can check out her 3-part video series on baking her biscuits, which can be found on her Facebook here.

Did your grandma love to cook or bake like this one? How cute is Wilbanks baking biscuits? Will you be trying out her recipe or do you have a tried and true biscuit recipe already? What’s your favorite southern comfort meal to make or eat?