Ah, there’s nothing like Thanksgiving is there? Besides the good food and fun, it’s always so nice to be surrounded by family—and sometimes, even strangers.

Back in 2016, one grandma named Wanda Dench thought she was texting her grandson inviting him to Thanksgiving dinner. However, she accidentally texted the wrong number—a total stranger named Jamal Hinton.

Sure, accidental texts happen fairly often, but they commonly end with a text back like “sorry, wrong number,” or something along those lines. But Jamal decided to go down a different road.

He knew that this wasn’t his grandmother texting him, and responded in a much funnier way when he received the text that fateful day.

Jamal informed Wanda that actually, she wasn’t his grandma, and asked for a photo of her. When she sent over a photo—confirming what Jamal already knew—he sent one back of himself to prove he wasn’t lying.

It could’ve ended there, but Jamal then asked Wanda if he was still welcome to come to Thanksgiving dinner. We assume he asked in a joking manner to break the ice, but Wanda replied in the most uplifting way: “Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do … feed everyone.”

And guess what? Jamal attended Dench’s Thanksgiving dinner not just in 2016, but each year to follow after that. And this year, 2019, is no different. He’ll be attending the Dench Thanksgiving dinner once again.

“[Wanda] is a really good person,” Jamal said. “I really enjoy the time I spend with her.”

Wanda agrees that Jamal is now family, even if not blood related. “Family is more than blood,” Dench added. “It’s the people you want to be with.”

How sweet is this accidental exchange that led to a friendship unlike any other? Have you ever let a stranger over for Thanksgiving before?