Mother’s Day is only a few days away, so it’s time to put the finishing touches on your gift to mom! No matter what you’ve gotten her, a bouquet of fresh flowers (or a couple bouquets of fresh flowers) is the perfect little touch to begin her day with. But presentation is everything. Are you going to give your lovely mother a bouquet still wrapped in the store’s plastic wrap?! Well, maybe. But if you’re really looking to take Mother’s Day above and beyond, you’ll want to present your flowers in a truly lovely way. Take a leaf out of HGTV’s book and try one of these simple and beautiful ways to arrange mom’s flowers!

These two simple arrangements only require a few things and end up looking gorgeous with minimal effort and money spent!

Vintage Flower Crate

– Vintage wooden crate
– 2 glass vases
– Flowers
– Floral tape

STEP 1: Place the vases in the crate. Fill with water.
STEP 2: Remove the foliage from the flowers and tape together into bundles.
STEP 3: Place the bundle into the vase and repeat with multiple bundles until the crate appears full.

Tin Flower Bucket

– Galvanized bucket
– Clear tape
– Flowers

STEP 1: Fill a bucket halfway with water.
STEP 2: Make a grid with clear tape across the top of the bucket.
STEP 3: Fill with wildflowers, using the tallest first and arranging from the middle of the grid outward.

Mom will love the thought you put into her beautiful flowers! And you are going to feel like the champion of Mother’s Day. Go you.