You know that phrase ‘no question is a bad question?’ It’s probably something that you heard over and over again, growing up in school. It’s actually a sentiment that we have carried with ourselves throughout our adulthoods, too, as a kind of personal reminder that learning never ends, no matter our age.

Having said that, there are some questions that are just, plain gutsier than others. Of course, they are not what you would categorize as being bad questions, necessarily, but they do require a certain amount of bravery that not all of us possess.

Intrigued? Take the case of a brave, little British girl who asked a powerful royal to “gallop.”

Nope, your eyes are not deceiving you, you read the above phrase correctly. Prince William was actually asked by a little girl to gallop like a horse–and he did!

To put this seemingly random (and, boy, is it!) moment into context, let’s take a trip back to Christmastime 2017, when Prince William and his wife, Duchess Kate, were attending the Royal Variety Performance at the famed London Palladium. The event consisted of a range of musical acts which the Prince, himself, later called, a great celebration of mood-lifting work.”

After a particularly lively musical number of the classic Broadway hit Annie, host Miranda Hart allowed one of its pint-sized cast members to ask the Royals a very important question. The actress craned her neck, looking skyward to the Prince’s box seat and asked, “Please, sir, will you gallop with us?”

You see, apparently galloping had been an integral part of the girl’s previous musical number, and, apparently, she was looking for some primo audience participation. It’s a question that many of us would never have the guts to ask–especially, considering that we would be asking it on a televised stage, in front of millions!

Now, if you follow the Royal Family, you know that, while Prince William, is usually categorized as the “serious one” compared to his fun-loving brother, Prince Harry, he does have a soft spot in his heart for kids. So, the bashful Prince did anything that anyone would do when put on the spot in a situation like this; he slowly rose from his chair and galloped with the best of them!

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the crowd absolutely loved it. Even his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, showed support for her husband’s kind act. But, even though the Prince was a particularly good sport that night, he DID look really, really embarrassed. In fact, the poor guy blushed so hard that he turned as red as a lobster. Can’t say we blame him!

Now that you have some context, it’s time for you to see Prince William gallop like a horse (never thought we would be writing that)! Watch the video below to see the precious moment for yourself.

What’s your take on this hilarious royal moment. Are you surprised that Prince William would do this? Do you think the little girl is brave for asking? Who is your favorite royal?