Get ready to bust a gut and have your heart warmed at the same time with this cute video of a little girl having the time of her life. Kayla’s dad has come up with an inventive way to entertain her right in their own living room.

Using a virtual roller coaster video, he sets her up by securely fastening the little tot in her seat – a laundry basket. It’s the perfect prop that fits on her dad’s legs well enough for him to maneuver it like a real coaster car.

That’s all it takes for Kayla to feel like she’s riding on the real thing. He bumps, twists, and turns along with the video, making it feel like an authentic experience. What got the internet in the feels are Kayla’s adorable squeals, which would totally be us on any coaster at Magic Mountain. It’s as if her stomach is really dropping.

The short clip went viral, earning Kayla’s dad kudos from around the web for his clever and dedicated-to-the-job thrill ride. He chose a 3D YouTube video created by CoasterForce for a roller coaster at Knoebels Amusement Resort. The cool footage makes viewers feel like they are in the front seat experiencing all the scary perks that comes with that position.

You have to hear Kayla’s tiny voice bumping as she careens on the “tracks” and makes it through the entire ride. Make sure you watch this to the end!

Were you laughing while watching this video? What are your thoughts on this dad’s entertainment trick? Have you ever watched the same types of virtual clips on YouTube?