21 Things You Need to Get If You’re Always Cold

You know that friend who always has eight layers on, even inside? Or who’s constantly drinking a warm beverage just to keep from shivering?

They deserve something special for the holidays—something that’s going to keep them warm all year round.

Personally, I too suffer from always being cold. And I want everything on this list.

Without further ado, let’s get to it: Here’s the ultimate gift guide for someone who just wants to stay warm in the frigid temps!

  1. Microwavable slippers

    These slippers do you one better than just simply being comfortable—you can actually warm them up on the microwave so your piggies are toasty warm upon arrival.

  2. Super warm socks

    For those who don’t want to microwave their socks, these thermal crew socks will help your friend say goodbye to freezing toes.

  3. Earmuff headphones

    These earmuff headphones do double duty in keeping your ears warm while you get to listen to your favorite tunes.

  4. A bathmat with built-in slippers

    Get out of the shower and step into this bathmat with slippers built right in! Not only does it allow you to keep your feet warm, it keeps your feet clean post shower. 

  5. Mug warmer

    Ask an always-cold person what the worst thing in the world is, and they’ll tell you when their coffee gets cold. This heated plate keeps mugs and beverages warm for hours!

  6. Heated car blanket

    This heated blanket plugs into your car for any cold winter ride (which is really any car ride, according to your cold friend!)

  7. A regular heater

    …And then there’s your standard space heater, so your friend can sleep, watch movies, or just live comfortably in his or her own house.

  8. A hat that covers your face

    There’s no taking chances with a simple hat or earmuffs. They need a face shield from the cold.

  9. Heated mouse pad

    Do offices ever shut their air conditioner office? Answer: NO. This heated mouse pad will definitely go over well for the always-cold office worker.

  10. Wearable blanket

    Sometimes we just need to be able to walk around literally wearing a blanket. All hail the inventor of this snuggly product.

  11. A crockpot

    Does your friend like to cook? A crockpot will let them make comfy meals all season.

  12. Built-in heater jacket

    Chances are, your friend isn’t getting warm with their standard jacket or other apparel. This company makes clothes with a heater built right in!

  13. Towel warmer

    There’s nothing better after a warm bath than a warm towel.

  14. Heating pad for feet

    The foot warmer is basically a little sleeping bag for your feet that you can slip your feet into to warm up, anytime, anywhere. Cold feet will be a thing of the past!

  15. Heated seat cushion

    You can also say goodbye to a cold back and rear with this heated seat cushion. (Bonus: It also comes with a built-in massager! Yes please.)

  16. This mug

    Not only will it hold all the hot liquids, but it clearly states what your friend is known for.

  17. This sweatshirt

    You know what they say….if you got that always-cold gene, flaunt it? We think your friend will get a kick out of this!

  18. Weighted blanket

    The weight from a Weighted blanket is comforting, like a full body hug. It also helps you sleep better at night!

  19. Hand warmers

    The simplicity of these hand warmers will make your friend smile…and wonder why they’ve never tried these before.

  20. Warming furniture blanket

    It contains a warming controller with four different settings so your friend can adjust the level of desired heat. Perfect for the movie buff who can’t get warm while watching!

  21. Heated toilet seat

    Because chances are, if they’re always cold, they’re cold while they sit on the toilet, too.

Which gift do you think you’ll go with for your freezing friend? We love them all!