5 Clever Tricks to Make Gift Wrapping Easier

With gift giving season on the horizon, we’re all about to be up to our ears in wrapping paper. Let’s face it, wrapping gifts is a pain in the neck for most of us; almost all of my gifts end up looking like a toddler got a hold of some tape and decided to go to town. Not the best look for my holiday presents.

If you’re sick of struggling with the roll of tape, trying to figure out how to wrap oddly shaped presents, and trying to repair frayed wrapping paper, we have a few quick tips for you, courtesy of BuzzFeed.

Use these quick tips this holiday season, or anytime you need to prepare a lovely gift, to make the most obnoxious aspects of wrapping a million times easier.

Keep Wrapping Paper Intact

Do you ever go to get your rolls of wrapping paper just to realize that everything has completely come undone? And by “everything” we mean your wrapping paper.

Without a little prompting, wrapping paper rolls rarely stay together, which means they tend to get torn and wrinkled. To avoid this, cut a slit in empty toilet paper rolls and use them as a cover to keep your more festive paper all together.

DIY Magazine Bow

No bow to top off your gift? Don’t run out to the store to buy a bag of them, try making your own with a much chicer material: a page from a magazine. Find a page from your favorite mag (images would look cool, but various strips of text also create a cool affect) and cut it into strips to create your own bow.

Cut the following lengths: two 3 x 10″, two 2 x 9″, and a 1 x 4″. For the two longer strips, fold them in on both sides, twisting the ends before taping them into place. For the short strip, create a circle out of the paper, taping it into place.

Assemble your bow by stacking your twisted paper and taping the circle into the center.

Hack a Roll of Tape

One of the most annoying parts about tape is how difficult it is to find where the tape begins. You waste at least five minutes of your time picking around at the roll, trying to discover where the edge of the tape actually is. Groan.

To avoid this waste of time, tape a bread clip to the edge of the tape when you find it next. It will act as a tab that you can pull on each time you need a new piece of tape.

Use Double Sided Tape

For the cleanest, most grown-up look, use double sided tape. With this type of tape, all your friend or family member will see are the crisp lines of your festive wrapping paper – no tacky pieces of tape ruining the presentation.

Wrapping Goodies

Planning on gifting some goodies this holiday season? A quick and very cool way to wrap them is in an aluminum foil container!

Empty out the container, paint the outside some fun, festive color, and then line the inside with parchment paper. Line up your treats inside and the tuck the parchment paper around them to keep them fresh. This is an out-of-the-box way (literally) to spice up your gift giving and save yourself a couple bucks on cookie tins.


What do you think of these gift wrapping hacks? Do you use any tricks to make this season of gift-giving easier? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.