Giant Bunny is Looking to Make History

A few weeks ago, a sad story broke about a giant bunny named Simon perishing on a United Airlines flight. At the time of his death, the 10-month-old was on track to beating his papa’s record of being the longest rabbit in the world. His dad’s size? 4.4 feet.

Though Simon’s tragic death still remains a mystery, it appears he was definitely not the only heir to the bunny throne. He has a baby brother. Dexter – who is 10 months old –  is already 3 feet long and isn’t finished growing! In this video from Barcroft Animals, owner Brad Paynter describes Dexter’s remarkable size.

Dexter’s breed is the Continental Giant, a descendant of Flemish Giants. Sounds like a fairy tale character, huh? As Brad points out, he’s about three times as big as a regular rabbit, and he estimates Dexter to be about 50% larger than other giants of his breed. When he first got him at a few weeks old, he was small like a puppy.

At just under a year old, Brad expects him to have at least two more years of growing to do. As you can imagine, the hefty ball of cuteness eats to accommodate for his size. His daily food intake normally consists of 5 to 6 carrots, ½ head of broccoli, 2 apples, and spring greens with other fruits or veggies tossed in as needed. Can you guess how much all that costs per month?

Image of man holding rabbit food.Barcroft Animals
The 28-year-old UK native and his wife keep Dexter as a pet, and he rumbles and tumbles like another member of the family. You can see him romping around with the dogs as if they’re the best of bros. Animal experts state that Dexter’s breed is actually quite docile, and “Contis” get along great with children and other pets. Brad says Dexter took to his two dogs right away.

In the back yard, Dexter has his own bunny hutch where he spends time when outdoors. His occasionally surly personality earned him a pirate plaque that warns folks to keep out of his turf. Love it. However, it is kind of hard to picture this cuddly rabbit earning status as the toughest guy in the garden.

Since he’s so irresistible, of course Dexter has the run of the house too! Check out his indoor bedroom digs, complete with a plush bed for lounging. His little nose won’t stop twitching and it’s probably because he doesn’t have to share with anyone. Watch the video to see how Brad maintains Dexter’s bunny lifestyle and how the rabbit gets comfy at home.

With 8 kilograms of weight on him (roughly 18-19 pounds), Dexter seems like he is well on his way to breaking daddy Darius’s Guinness record. Who knows where a few more meals and growth spurts will land this gentle giant? Just wait until this furry wonder becomes a teenager and starts raiding the refrigerator!

Have you ever seen a bunny as big as this in real life? If Dexter were your pet rabbit, where would you put him? Tell us in the comments!