How to Make Giant Bubbles With Your Kids This Summer

Finally, summer is on the horizon. Though the 2020 season might look a little different than others thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s still plenty of fun to be had, especially if you have kids.

Sure, entertaining kids at home day after day can be a burden, especially when you’ve been doing it for the last few months. But summer makes things easier thanks to the great weather and being outside most of the day. For example, there are countless backyard activities that will keep your kids entertained for hours, and these scavenger hunt options, many of which can take place outside, can be super fun.

However, there’s one tried and true outdoor activity that never seems to get old for kiddos in the summer. We bet you’ve even done your fair share of it when you were younger. That activity? Blowing bubbles.

There’s just something about dipping a wand in soapy water, blowing bubbles, and watching them pop on the driveway that’s fun as well as comforting.

Bubbles are also one of those activities that are just, well, easy. You can head to the dollar store and pick up a few bottles, and boom: Hours of entertainment for just a few bucks.

However, those little tubes only last so long, and, we hate to say it, but they only make small, lackluster bubbles.

To up the ante on your bubbles, you can try making your own. Don’t worry, it’s not at all complicated, plus, by making your own, you have the option to make them bigger and better than you’ve ever seen them.

Luckily, the geniuses over at What’s Up Moms know how to take common household items – and some things that would otherwise end up in the trash – and turn them into awesome summer fun, aka giant DIY bubbles.

All you need to make the solution for your own bubbles are four simple ingredients: liquid dishwashing detergent, guar gum (what gives the bubbles their elasticity), baking powder, and water.

But the key to the bubbles being so big comes from the wand. You’ll just need some cotton string and sticks (of which you can get a little creative, like using the bases from a hanger).

Ready to get started? Check out this easy step-by-step tutorial to making both bubbles and the giant wands, and get ready to have some wet, summer fun!

How cool are these giant bubbles? Do you think your little one would like to play with these? What else is on your summer to-do list this season for the kiddos?