Who’s your favorite Hollywood actor? We know, hard question, right? There are just so many great guys from whom to choose, from Leonardo DiCaprio to Denzel Washington, Daniel Day-Lewis to Samuel L. Jackson— the list goes on.

While we absolutely love each and every one of those guys, our favorite is none other than the legendary silver fox himself: George Clooney!

The handsome actor, auteur, humanitarian, and all-around “good guy” has captivated us for years, but there’s one incredible story currently floating around that makes us like him just THAT much more.

Rande Gerber, businessman and longtime friend to Clooney, recently revealed that back in 2013, the iconic actor gifted $1 million to every single one of his closest bros. We’re not kidding!

In an interview with MSNBC’s Headliners, Gerber said that he and Clooney have been best friends with a group of guys—who they affectionately refer to as “The Boys”—for years now. Some of the relationships even predate Clooney’s fame.

According to Gerber, the group is surprisingly diverse. A good number of the friends are just normal guys who work paycheck to paycheck to get by. But the one thing that they all have in common is that Clooney feels that each and every one of them played some sort of role in him becoming the success that he is today.

So when the star sent word for “The Boys” to congregate at his home for a dinner party on September 27, 2013, it’s not surprising to hear that every guy showed up to see their most famous friend.

Gerber says that once the group walked into Clooney’s home, they were each met with a custom designer bag filled with 1 million bucks in 20-dollar bills.

Yep, the scenario may sound like the premise for a heist film, but it was just the star’s way of showing appreciation for his buds.

Now that’s one “boys club” we’d sure love to join!

George Clooney’s rich legacy

While we give Clooney a ton of props for his generosity, it is important to remember that the guy has a whole lot of cash—and we mean “money to burn” type of cash!

According to the International Business Times, the star is worth a mind-blowing $500 million, though it merits noting that, at the time of his 2013 dinner party, he had only had a paltry (yeah, right!) 225 million buckaroos in his bank account.

Clooney’s fortune more than doubled over the last few years due to his shrewd investment decisions. You see, the very year that he gave each of his pals a cool million bucks, the star helped to co-found a tequila brand called Casamigos—and boy did it turn out to be a lucrative decision.

Casamigos quickly grew into quite the successful endeavor for both him and his partners, so much so that they sold the alcohol brand for a reported $1 billion in 2017. Clooney walked away with $275 million from the deal, a move which made him all the richer!

So, if you are wondering how you too can one day invite fourteen of your closest friends over for a party and make them millionaires by the time they leave, here’s the formula you need to follow:

1) Become one of the most celebrated actors of your generation.
2) If the good roles dry up, transition into directing—and pick up some Oscar nominations while you’re at it.
3) Use your fame and influence to build a wildly popular tequila brand and sell it for a billion bucks just four years later.

Get it? Got it? Good!

To read the exact speech that Clooney gave to his “Boys” the night they became millionaires, be sure to watch the video below. That guy sure knows how to give back!

We’d love to hear your take on George Clooney’s lavish dinner party “goodie bags.” Do you think he made the right decision to spread his wealth in such a way? Have you ever given your buds sizable gifts? If so, what was your motivation to do so?