There’s nothing we love better than a good baby gender reveal. After all, how many surprises are pretty much guaranteed to delight people no matter what the results are?!

Since we’ve started eagerly looking for and watching the best gender reveal idea a few years ago, people have just come up with bigger, louder, and more dramatic ways to discover and to announce the gender of their baby. They’ve become SO elaborate, in fact, that sometimes we have to admit we miss the the simple joys of watching couples cut into a colored cake or just open an envelope.

That’s just one of the reasons we love THIS particular baby reveal so much. It combines a simple method of determining and sharing the gender – opening an envelope – with the ultimate in nobody-will-ever-forget-this-ness— it’s happening on The Ellen Show!

As part of a game of “Epic or Fail” centered on baby gender reveals, Ellen asks if anybody in her audience on this particular day is pregnant. The question leads to her talking to one couple in particular, Courtney and Travis, who don’t know the gender of their baby yet even though Courtney is already seven months along.

After a couple of rounds of the game, Ellen invites Courtney and Travis to join her on stage to play a final round. Once they join her in “the hot seat” it becomes clear that although it might have seemed like they were randomly picked out of the audience, Ellen and her producers knew exactly what they were doing.

Because they’re about to tell Courtney and Travis their baby’s gender. Right there. In front of everybody!

The results are in a simple white envelope, which is immediately brought on stage by one of Ellen’s aides. When she sees it, Courtney immediately tears up, telling Ellen that they’ve had the results since she was only 18 weeks along, but they just couldn’t bring themselves to open it.

The couple clearly really DOES want to know, so thank goodness they have Ellen to help them move the process along! And that’s not the only surprise she has in store for the adorable, hardworking couple. When you see the results in the video below, you’ll be moved to tears right along with the happy couple. (We certainly were.)

Epic or Fail?

We don’t think it’s spoiling anything to tell you that as far as gender reveals go, this one definitely qualifies as “epic” rather than a “fail”. And frankly, it also seems a lot safer than the other two Ellen features during the game!

There’s the dude who has an idea for colored smoke coming out of his truck – honestly, we’re kind of confused by this one’s goals – but forgot to leave on the parking break . . .

Colored smoke truck gender reveal goes wrongTheEllenShow

. . . and then there’s the now-classic “pull a string to release balloons” idea that accidentally injures the older-sibling-to-be!

Box of balloons gender reveal failsTheEllenShow

We’re so glad Courtney and Travis’ reveal went a LOT smoother than these two! They’re really a deserving couple, and Ellen’s surprises for them are so wonderful.

To see whether Courtney and Travis are having a boy or a girl, and to find out the other things Ellen has up her sleeve, watch the video clip below now!

Are you moved to tears for Courtney and Travis? Have you ever done a dramatic gender reveal, or had one go wrong?