Gemma Whelan, is not only a warrior on Game of Thrones—it turns out she’s also a warrior in real life. The actress recently posted a photo of her breastfeeding her daughter, right smack in the middle of filming Season 8 of the popular TV show, fully clothed in her costume.

She posted the photo to her Instagram page with the caption, writing in the comments that this photo was “Just a tease and my actual life on set between whatever we actually were filming” (as opposed to being a TV spoiler, which she wasn’t alluding to at all, she says).

A mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do when it comes to feeding her baby, even through long working days that involve wearing a full set of armor. Whelan says having a child certainly takes up a lot of time, but it’s all about managing your time and making it work.

“I think women are quite fearful of ‘if I have a baby it’s going to change my career or it won’t fit in anymore’ and actually if you’re just really proud of it and say ‘I’m pregnant or I’ve got a baby can we make her part of this’ people are so willing,” she says. “Women by default are strong.”

Fans flocked to her photo, absolutely loving her dedicated to her job as both a mom and an actress.

“Oh my lovely @gemwhelan to hear you worked and got to breastfeed on set while you filmed the last few episodes made me so happy. Should be [an] inspiration for other work places to be more adaptable. My journey of motherhood could have really appreciate from this,” someone wrote.

“What an empowering and beautiful photo!! You’re a ninja!!” someone else commented.

You can view the full photo and comments here.

What a badass! What do you think of this photo?