Stars of HGTV’s hit show Fixer Upper Chip and Joanna Gaines have built an incredible following over the past few years. The married duo also run a successful brand that includes several businesses in real estate, construction, design, home goods, and more.

Partners in life and work, Joanna and Chip are also parents to four kids – with one more on the way – and try to stay close to their Waco, Texas home base. How do they juggle it all? A TV show, multiple businesses, and family?

Family first. Check out all the ways the Gaines family keeps their kids grounded and their ship running!

  1. The Kids Are on the Farm

    During filming for Fixer Upper, Drake (12), Ella Rose (11), Duke (9), and Emmie Kay (7) are usually hanging out on the family’s 40-acre farm in Waco. There’s plenty for them to do too, as they have about 60 animals to tend to and love on.

  2. Sometimes the Kids are Guest Apprentices

    If you’ve ever watched the show, you may have noticed that the kids appear on camera from time to time. They are either helping out their mom and dad with a project or are busy being kiddos.

  3. Sometimes They’re There But Not

    Carefully cropped shots of Chip or Joanna will make viewers believe they are the only ones in the frame. However, a child or two has been known to be quietly seated at their parent’s feet. You wouldn’t even know it!

  4. No TV

    One of the Gaines’s house rules is fairly well-known: no televisions are in the house. Instead, they encourage their children to go outside in nature, play with friends, or self-entertain.

    Joanna mentioned that the kids aren’t really aware that they have a TV show, so they don’t even get to watch themselves! Cell phones probably won’t be allowed until they’re college-bound either. Who else wants to try this one?

  5. No Exposure To The Limelight

    As protective parents, Chip and Joanna do their best to shield their children from the glitz and glam of fame. And they are adamant about wanting their kids to have a normal childhood. So, they’re not out on the road with their parents as they sign autographs and snap pics with fans, nor are they regular fixtures in the public eye.

  6. No Spoiling

    There’s not a huge emphasis on materialism or “having things” so the kids are less inclined to want much in terms of the latest toys, games, or devices. Joanna discussed how Duke only wanted balloons and her cinnamon rolls for his last birthday. How’s that for a birthday list?

To hear more about the Gaines family and their future plans, click on this video from Country Living. It’s cool to see how they blend their hectic work schedule with their family duties. With such a large brood, it can’t always be easy!

Are you a fan of Chip and Joanna or their show? Were you wondering how they manage to balance their family life with work? What do you think about their departure from HGTV?