Flying is a stressful thing for most people. Some people are scared to death of the very idea, others are flying constantly for business and consider it a downright chore. Oftentimes, you’re flying to something unpleasant, maybe even something you flew away from in the first place. Needless to say, it’s not always a fun time. And one of the most tedious parts of all is the preparation for take off. You’re stalled on the runway for what feels like hours, you just want your in-flight drink, and then here comes the flight attendant to give that safety speech no one listens to.

Well, that last part isn’t the case if you’re flying with Marty Cobb.

This Lubbock, Texas native now lives in Dallas with her three kids and works as a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. Southwest has a fun culture in general, encouraging employees and customers alike to express their personalities and have fun on their flights – not something you see with many other airlines, that’s for sure.

It makes sense then that this fun airline would have an attendant like Marty working for them. Marty, you see, isn’t just your everyday flight attendant – she’s also a bit of a stand-up comedian.

While you might be used to the regular pre-flight safety speech (how to put on your life vest, remain buckled until the captain turns the lights off, no smoking in bathroom, ect.), this is not that speech. Instead, this is something Marty has reworked into a hilarious, three-minute bit – one that has her passengers literally screaming with laughter.

You know the speech is going to be funny when she starts with, “Can you please pretend to give me your attention for a moment?” She got us. No one really listens to those pre-flight speeches, even though we really all should. But with an intro like that? How can you NOT give her your attention?

But the audience – uh, we mean, passengers – still have to be warmed up. By less than a minute into the video, she hits them with a “tiny-weeny yellow Southwest bikini” joke, referring to the yellow inflatable vests, of course. That’s when hilarity really starts to ensue.

Two minutes later, this fast-talking flight attendant receives a screaming round of applause from every single beaming passenger on the plane. Everyone is clearly at ease, happy, and ready to fly.

We’ve never seen anything like it.

As most amazing videos like this do, the clip of Marty’s speech went viral. The original video has over 4 million views and was picked up by many national websites and news outlets – but one person in particular liked it the most. Possibly the best person EVER to like something you’ve done.

Ellen, of course! After seeing the amazing speech and the happiness she imparted on the Southwest passengers, Ellen invited the single mom and two of her three kids onto the show. In customary Ellen style, there was laughter, tears – and $20,000 given to this lucky Texan family.

It’s truly amazing that someone who is clearly a funny, smart, and hardworking individual got recognized for her little acts of kindness in this big way! No one deserves it more than this outrageously funny in-flight comedian.

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