Looking back at the fashions from previous decades is always so funny, isn’t it? Pretty much every era of fashion looks a little silly when you get enough time between then and now – I definitely have some memories of nineties-era hats I loved so much that just make me laugh now – but I don’t think any era has ever been so delightfully ridiculous to look back on as the 1980’s. I mean, let’s just consider: the shoulder pads. The giant geometric prints and super bright colors. The perms and the bangs. The over-sized sweaters and glasses and hair and everything. It’s easy to laugh at ourselves and our older relatives, but let’s remember— fashion experts at the time were telling us to dress that way! As prime examples, just look at these old makeovers from The Oprah Winfrey Show OWN dug up!

It’s easy to forget after the popularity of shows like What Not To Wear and morning show segments, but the idea of the dramatic makeover wasn’t as ubiquitous then as it was now. Maybe that explains why these twins didn’t seem thrilled to go from this . . .

Unhappy twins on Oprah before their makeoversOWN

. . . to this?

Sisters on The Oprah Winfrey Show not happy with their 80's makeoversOWN

And that’s one of the better transformations! Sometimes, the makeovers didn’t seem to really change much at all.

And other times, even if the “before” wasn’t fabulous – and I’d argue these women were already lovely! – the “after” . . .

. . . well, was slightly . . . questionable. The ladies are beautiful, but the trends . . . I mean, remind me why we thought this look was so great, again?

Eighties-era giant hair, glasses and sweaterOWN

In hindsight, some of these makeovers look a little bit more like make-unders!

Of course, that’s just it, isn’t it? Hindsight is 20/20. I just thank the heavens that we don’t need those giant neon glasses to get it!

For a laugh today and a walk down memory lane, check out the clip reel from OWN for even more makeover blunders. What outfits from your past do you regret? Are there any styles you wish would come back? What outdated look do you love no matter what today’s stylists think, and what past fashion era is your favorite? (I’d wear 50’s style dresses every day if I could, and I have to admit, I still love those 90’s sunflower hats!) Share your fashion memories!