Potatoes. Are. Amazing. There are so many things we have come to disagree upon in this world, but I know deep down that we can all agree on that universally acknowledged fact. But the potato, in all its glory, is not admired just because…well, because it’s amazing by itself. No, the potato is truly a wonder because it can be MADE into so many amazing things. I dare you to find something as deliciously versatile as the potato. Best of all? Potatoes come cheap, so you can buy them in bulk to try every item on this list of 22 amazing ways to prepare potatoes.


  1. Spinach Potato Patties

    Spinach Potato Patties 2Diethood

    Also known as a potato latke, potato patties can be made with just about anything. Our favorite? Spinach potato patties. Healthy AND delicious, it doesn’t get better than that.

  2. Knedle

    KnedleFood, People, Places

    This potato dumpling is traditionally a dessert dish in Central and Eastern Europe. And when you see this juicy, sugared plum wrapped in a potato dough…you’ll understand why.

  3. Fondant Potatoes

    Fondant Potatoes 2Rock Recipes

    More time consuming than microwaved potatoes? Yes. A million times more delicious and fancy? YES.

  4. Skordalia

    Skordalia-recipeFood, People, Places

    This Greek dish is a thick, potato-based paste that can be combined with any complimentary ingredients your heart desires. I would do just about anything for some perfectly mixed olive oil and garlic skordalia. Yum.

  5. Cheesy Bacon Potato Skillet

    Bacon and Potato Skillet 2Taste of Home

    The skillet is your potatoes’ best friend. Dice your potatoes and cook them with an excess of cheese and some savory smoked bacon to make the best skillet dish your stove top has ever seen.

  6. Potato Skin Chips

    Potato-Skin-Chips-recipeFood, People, Places

    You’ve heard of potato chips. You’ve heard of potato skins. What about potato chips made out of potato skins? Woah.

  7. Pommes Duchesses

    Pommes DuchessesGourman Disesetci

    Feeling fancy? These piped pommes duchesses are the fanciest potatoes you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to impress your dinner guests, you are officially in business.

  8. Pomme Souffles

    PommeSouffleeFood, People, Places

    These puffy pieces of potato goodness are the French contribution to this list. Pomme Souffles are double deep fried potatoes that tend to puff into a souffle shape. Are they as good as souffles you ask? They’re made of potatoes…so obviously, they’re better.

  9. Melting Sweet Potatoes

    Melting Sweet PotatoesDessert for Two

    We love ALL potatoes – that means you, sweet potatoes. You are loved. Especially when you’re sliced, baked with brown sugar, and then covered in a pecan and maple syrup dressing. Especially then.

  10. French Fries

    Fries4Food, People, Places

    Come on guys, of course. Fries may have gotten hugely popular but they remember where they started – as a potato.

  11. Potato Gratin

    Potato GratinPure Wow

    Essentially, potato gratin are scalloped potatoes swimming in a bath of heavy cream and cheese, topped off with baked bread crumbs and spiked with nutmeg. Need we go on?

  12. Aligot

    Aligot_french_mashed_potatoesMouth of Mums

    Another contribution from our friends in France! You won’t believe how deliciously thick and creamy these French mashed potatoes are until you try them. Which I’m assuming will be as soon as possible.

  13. Gnocchi

    GnocchiFood, People, Places

    An Italian classic, gnocchi is a potato pasta that basically defines what rich comfort foods should be. Roast in a skillet or boil and over in an Alfredo sauce…the choice is up to you.

  14. Potato Pizza

    Potato PizzaFat Free Vegan

    We love pizza and we love potatoes, so why not combine them? Try thinking outside the crust and making your pizza ON YOUR POTATOES.

  15. Espuma

    EspumaFood, People, Places

    This is called “potato foam” in Spanish. Don’t let that unappetizing name deter you. These boiled potatoes can be tricky to pull off but, oh, are they worth it.

  16. Sweet Potato Bread

    Sweet Potato BreadAverie Cooks

    When you think of potato bread, you probably think of those doughy, yellowish rolls. While those are all well and good, this delicious sweet potato bread is not only bursting with healthy nutrients, but it’s an amazing breakfast, snack, OR dessert.

  17. Tornado Potatoes

    Tornado PotatoFood, People, Places

    I can’t decide which is more fun – making these tornado potatoes or enjoying their crispy deliciousness.

  18. Potato Casserole

    Potato CasseroleAtrsy Fartsy Mama

    This ultimate comfort food is a blank slate for ANYTHING. We all know that potatoes go with just about everything, so use this deep, cheesy potato casserole recipe to experiment with flavor.

  19. Cheesy Potato Soup

    cheese-potato-soup12 Tomatoes

    Spring is a time for lots and lots of rain. Keep cozy on those rainy days with some soul-warming (and stomach warming) cheesy potato soup!

  20. Egg in Potato

    Potato EggHome Cooking Adventure

    Are you a breakfast fanatic? Then you’re going to love this all-in-one breakfast potato. It’s an egg…cooked inside what is essentially one giant, cheesy hash brown. Does it get any better than that?

  21. Bacon-Wrapped Potato Skewers


    Whether you like your potatoes broiled or baked, I think we can all agree we like our potatoes wrapped in bacon. Skewer some potato chunks and wrap them in the good stuff for the ultimate party appetizer.

  22. Parmesan Potato Stacks

    Potato FI EditedTipHero

    Slices of potatoes covered in Parmesan cheese and stacked into the most adorable finger food the potato has ever seen? All of them, please.

Do you have any amazing ways to make potatoes? Share them in the comments section below!