My mom has made sweaters, socks, and hats with yarn but never this! Dana from Made Everyday takes a beachball and starts wrapping yarn around it. In less than 30 minutes Dana has created the coolest thing I’ve seen made from Yarn.

What I love about this simple DIY project is you only a couple of items you already have at home including yarn, Elmer’s glue and scissors. You’ll also need to get an inflatable beach ball that you can buy at the dollar store for a buck.

The lampshades that Dana creates are stylish and would go great in my home. I love that you can choose what color you want just by choosing the color of yarn you use. It’s easy to find yarn that matches the existing color pallette of your home or find complimentary colors. You can also adjust the size of the lampshade by getting larger or smaller beachballs. Finally you can control how much light the lampshade lets through based on how much yarn you use to wrap around the beach ball. I can’t wait to make one this weekend! Let’s take a look at how Dana does it in the video below: