If there’s one thing that’s true it’s that you really don’t know what it’s like to be a parent until you are one. No matter how many kids you babysat growing up or how many baby books you read while pregnant, parenthood is something that you have to learn from experience.

Sure, there is some really good advice out there about what to do and what not to do, but this advice comes from people who are parents. Your parents might have wisdom to pass down. Your friends with kids probably have some great tips they’ve learned in the trenches too. The people who do not have good advice about parenting are the people who are not (yet) parents.

It’s easy to think what you will and will not do when you hypothetically have kids one day. For example, we remember thinking our bedroom would be off-limits from our kids because why would they ever need to be in there? We would just tell them it’s off limits. Oh, how naive we were.

Scroll down to discover unrealistic parenting advice shared by people who aren’t parents. If you’re a parent, you will probably find this advice pretty naive and frustrating. If you’re not a parent, please refrain from offering any parenting advice to your friends with kids.

  1. It Is Fun When It’s Temporary

    Okay I’m a parent now but throwback to when I wasn’t:”Just PLAY with him! Come on it’s fun!” When I was hanging out with a friend and her 3 year old. Yes of course it was fun for me, I was going to go home. She was looking for a goddamn break and to talk to a grownup. Now I have a 3 year old and I cannot believe she didn’t smack me.

  2. Put That Cell Phone Away

    I hate seeing moms on their cell phones. I will never be THAT mom. I will ENGAGE with my kids. When they say, “Watch!” I’ll watch! And when they want me to “Play!” I’ll play! Always!

  3. No Video Games or Social Media

    Keeping them away from social media, mobile phones and video games as much as you can. Let them just be kids and enjoy their innocence

  4. Reading and Exercise

    My kids won’t be allowed to be on screens…ever. YouTube, Fortnite, forget it. They’ll play outside and get exercise or they’ll read. Bank on it!

  5. MUCH Easier Said Than Done

    If you are taking them out in a public place, please watch them and don’t let them run around like crazy heathens.

  6. You Don’t Even Know What Being Tired Is Like

    I will never tell non-parents, “If you think you’re tired now, wait until you have kids!” I guarantee you I won’t be any more tired with kids than I am now, OK?

  7. The Nerve

  8. But Life WILL Change

  9. Just Wait

    When I have kids I won’t be one of those mean parents. I’ll reason with my kids! If they leave their clothes on the floor, I’ll explain WHY they should pick them up instead of screaming about it.

  10. She Probably Started Getting Ready Earlier Than You Can Imagine

    Ever since my sister had kids she’s always late and it’s super annoying. That will NOT be me when I have kids. I’ll just start getting everyone ready earlier!

  11. This Is Hilariously Unrealistic

    When I have kids I will not stand for having a messy home. I will NOT have toys all over my house. They will be put away immediately!

  12. Babysitters Aren’t Cheap

    When I have kids you will not see me rolling up to social events with my kids. Have parents forgotten there’s a thing called “babysitters” you can hire?

  13. Chicken Fingers Cost Less Than a Babysitter

    You know what else I won’t do with my kids? Take them to restaurants! First, it’s rude, and second, who wants to spend all that money on chicken fingers anyway?

  14. This Is a Great Response

  15. We Have a Slime-Free House