I Was Horrified When She Put Whole Tomatoes in the Freezer. But When I Found Out Why – I Ran to Do the Same Thing.

Are you horrified right now, too? Understandably so! When we think of frozen tomatoes, we think of the store-bought kind, right? The kind that don’t thaw correctly, or turn to mush, or run and make a huge stain on our tile floor— who wants that? While we’re at it, let’s imagine a freshly picked tomato in there. Do you picture a fruit that’s lost all taste and color, maybe with a touch of freezer burn? I do, too. At least, I did, until The Kitchn came around to show me another way.

So, our initial mental image isn’t wrong; if you want to just bite on into that tomato, or if you want to enjoy the fresh pick right away in a salad or on top of a burger, than absolutely do not freeze it. If, however, you want to use them in sauces and stews, sticking them in the freezer is absolutely the way to go! When it comes to the freezer and tomatoes, it turns out we’re talking preservation, not just freezing. The Kitchn explains:

But if you plan on using tomatoes in the depths of winter in sauces and stews, then freezing is a perfectly wonderful option. You can skip the pureeing and canning and just sock them straight into freezer bags. It’s the lazy yet smart way of preserving tomatoes; their delicious acidity and bright flavor will still come through, months later, in a way that makes you think you stepped into the Tardis and went straight back to July.

Freezing your tomatoes will also help you peel the skin off them faster, helping you save even more time! Genius. This dreaded storage method isn’t a way of ruining our precious red fruits; it’s a time-saving preservation method! Have you ever tried this method before, or is this one news to you like it was to me? Do you can or preserve tomatoes or other fruits? What sauces will you use your frozen tomatoes in?