For kids – and, let’s be honest, adults – summer is synonymous with ice cream, whether we’re looking for dessert, snack, or even, on special occasions, dinner. But summer is also a prime opportunity to get healthy, and sugary desserts aren’t going to help with that at any time of year. So what to do when it’s super-hot and the little ones are screaming for ice cream? Grab some bananas, take out your food processor, and make THIS easy treat instead.

All you need is one banana per serving, and this is the perfect opportunity to use those bananas that are JUST about to go bad. You know the ones we mean — slightly brown but still sweet? They’re perfect for this recipe!

Next, you’ll need to assemble your toppings. The OWN video below suggests gingersnaps, dark chocolate, or even cinnamon, which all sound amazing! However, feel free to use any toppings that you desire, or even skip the toppings all together.

Personally, some shaved dark chocolate sounds like it would be our topping of choice!

Now your bananas have to be frozen to give the right consistency to your ice cream — it is ice cream, after all. Peel as many bananas as you’ll need, pop them into a freezer bag and put that right in the freezer. They need to chill for at least two hours, but this is best done overnight for the most delicious results.

When you retrieve your frozen bananas, snap them in half, put them in a food processor and blend until you get to the right consistency. If after blending you want a harder consistency, all you have to do is put the mixture into the freezer for a bit. Firmer ice cream, coming right up.

The only other thing left to do after that is sprinkle on your toppings and enjoy! That’s literally all you have to do – how simple is that?! In minutes, you’ll have a tasty, frozen treat the kids will love. You don’t have to tell them they’re actually eating their daily serving of fruit!

What do you think of this alternative, homemade ice cream? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.