Who here loves chips? Ok, ok we know it might be a ridiculous question seeing as though EVERYONE loves chips. Sure, our waistlines might not like chips, which can taint our tastes for the savory, crunchy, heavenly snack, but, nothing–and we mean nothing–can come in the way of our beloved, late-night chip fixes. No matter how guilt-tinged they may be…

One of the things we love most about chips, aside from that aforementioned ‘crunch factor’, is the fact that they come in so many different flavors. Personally, we’re not partial to one in particular, but we know that some people sure do have their preferences.

In fact, just last year, Statista gathered information on popular chip flavors in the U.S. and, believe it or not, Plain came in first by almost double (Barbecue was far, far behind it in second). Frankly, the results were rather surprising to us, as we have always been one to fall in love with new flavors.

Which, brings us to the point that we’ve been trying to get to this whole time (sorry, folks, we tend to get carried away when it comes to chips…)

Last year, iconic potato chip-maker, Lays, launched something called the Tastes of America promotion. As part of it, potato chips inspired by the highly-diverse, regional flavors of the United States would be represented. Included were flavors like Thai Sweet Chili, Cajun Spice, Chesapeake Bay Crab Spice, Chili Con Queso, Pimento Cheese, New England Lobster Roll, Deep Dish Pizza, and, most importantly, Fried Pickles with Ranch.

Though we weren’t able to get our hands on all eight of these scrumptious-sounding flavors, we were able to delight in Lay’s Fried Pickles with Ranch–and boy, did they live up to their hype.

Now, we must admit that fried pickles and ranch is one of our all-time favorite flavor combos, which means that we might just be a tad bias–but something tells us that the chip is much more universal than you might expect.

So, why do we have such a strong premonition about the chip’s versatility? Instagram user @junkfoodreviewz explains it perfectly. They write:

You get an acidic kick from the pickley vinegar goodness followed by a savory, garlicy note from the ranch. Do they taste like fried pickles and ranch? No. Are they good and have I already eaten half the bag? Maybe…

Suffice it to say, we were pretty bummed to learn that the Lay’s New Tastes of America line was announced to be a summer-only promotion. But, that doesn’t mean that good things weren’t on the horizon for us–and all of the other junk food junkies out there.

Just recently, Americans were reporting that the Lay’s Fried Pickles with Ranch flavor was back on the shelves of their local Sam’s Club stores. Although we don’t know much about how long this mouth-watering flavor will be around, we wouldn’t be surprised if, now that news has gotten out, the variety gets nabbed up quickly.

So, what does this mean for you? It means you should get your butt to Sam’s Club ASAP. Don’t miss out on this flavor, folks!

We’d love to hear your take on the Lay’s Fried Pickles with Ranch flavor. Are you a fan of it? What was your favorite chip from the Lay’s New Tastes of America promotion? What’s your favorite chip flavor in general?