It sounds weird, but your favorite power tools can actually help you in the kitchen. How? Well, if you’re throwing a dinner party, you’re going to need a whole lot of everything – including seasonings like good old ground pepper. We firmly believe that a little pepper on most things goes a long, long way. But if you want fresh ground pepper for a crowd, you don’t have to grind it all by hand. Instead, break out your drill and let it do the work! Curious? Watch the video below to see this clever cooking hack.

This trick is so brilliant – you’ll be glad you know it the next time you’re feeding a crowd!

All you have to do when you need as much ground pepper as possible is to fill up your regular pepper grinder with pepper, as per usual. Unscrew the top of the grinder so the screw inside of the wood is exposed. Then, put your drill on the screw and gently turn the drill on.

The grinder will work at double the speed and produce a mound of freshly ground pepper in a snap – and with no work on your end! This is great if you’re in a pinch, but it’s especially great for people with arthritis or other wrist problems.

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