It’s often hard to remember the days before cell phones. They’re so common in today’s culture. It seems that pretty much everyone has one.

Do you remember how inconvenient life was before cell phones existed? If you’re old enough, you probably remember what it was like not to be able to call or text someone whenever you wanted to let alone surf the internet or post selfies on social media right from the palm of your hand.

While cell phones definitely have their benefits, like helping you call for help if you get stranded on the side of the road or helping you look up directions and traffic so that you can find the fastest route to your destination, they also definitely have their downsides.

We’re not talking about texting and driving either. But, when it comes to texting and driving, just don’t do it.

You may be wondering, what other downside is there?

It’s so obvious that it’s sometimes hard to realize. We’re staring at our little, addictive cell phone screens while life is passing us by.

If you’re a parent, maybe you can relate to staring at your cell phone while your children are running around in the park, or maybe you’ve found yourself looking through the screen on your cell phone while taking a video of your baby and realizing you’re not looking at your actual baby who is right in front of you.

One restaurant in the UK is trying to encourage parents to put down the cell phones, at least during meal time. This restaurant has a unique deal going on through December 7th that is completely targeted at parents with cell phones.

If you visit a restaurant called Frankie & Benny’s, you can get free children’s meals if you’re willing to drop your cell phone in a box on the table and not look at it for your entire meal. No phone calls. No texts. No selfies.

Honestly, this sounds kind of difficult to us. We’re fans of taking pictures of our food and taking selfies with our family when we’re dining out, but we definitely see the perks of setting the phones to the side for a bit.

For more details about how Frankie & Benny’s is encouraging parents to put down their cell phones, watch the video below.

Do you often find yourself looking at your cell phone during a meal? Would you put your phone in a box in exchange for free children’s meals?