Think of someone who made a big impact in your life by teaching you something. Got them in your head? We’re going to guess it’s likely a parent—or a teacher.

It would be hard to argue a more demanding—and rewarding—career than that of a teacher. In fact, there’s a whole Appreciation Week dedicated to just teachers because of how much they do. This year, it falls on May 6-10, 2019.

But instead of merely thanking them by handing them an apple (because why is that a thing, anyway?), there’s now an opportunity to show your gratitude in a much bigger way. How about a vacation?

No, we’re not suggesting you shell out thousands to treat them—that’s where Norwegian Cruise Line comes in. The company really wanted to really show just how much teachers are appreciated and figured they deserve a vacation more than most. Because of that, they want to send top teachers on a cruise, all expenses paid.

That’s why they’re opening up their “Giving Joy” contest, where they’re giving away a seven-day cruise for 2-15 amazing teachers in both the U.S. and Canada. They’re asking students to nominate a teacher who has made a difference in their lives—one they want to be able to see go enjoy themselves on a cruise. Specifically, they want to know what this educator does to ”demonstrate a passion for spreading the joy of learning” and how they’re “bringing joy to the classroom.”

Image of Giving Joy CampaignNorwegian Cruise Line

“Travel is a powerful means of education. It brings people closer to each other and to diverse cultures around the world,” said Andy Stuart, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line. “Through our Norwegian Cruise Line Giving Joy campaign, we celebrate the power of education and travel, and reward teachers who have taken responsibility for our future, our children, and who lean into that responsibility with all they’ve got.”

In addition to the grand prize of a free cruise for two, the winning teachers will be invited to an exclusive award ceremony on May 3 in Seattle (airfare and accommodations all included—so kind of like a second free trip!). They will also be entered for their chance to win the grand prize of $15,000 for their school.

If that doesn’t scream Teacher Appreciation, we don’t know what does! We just know it definitely isn’t apples.

The Norwegian Cruise Line’s Giving Joy campaign runs from March 12 to April 12, 2019, so you better get to voting! To nominate a favorite teacher, to vote and for terms and conditions, visit

We’ve certainly had our fair share of great teachers in our lives. And you know that if you’re lucky enough to have had a memorable teacher, then you’ve probably found yourself wanting to do something something special for them, but could never think of something appropriate. Now’s your chance!

What do you think of this contest? Do you have a teacher in mind that you’d like to nominate? What else will you do for Teacher Appreciation Week to show your gratitude for teachers?