We love seeing amazing makeovers. They’re almost always completely life changing for the people who get them, and sometimes their friends and family hardly even recognize them afterwards.

We’re not talking just a new outfit or a new haircut. We’re talking the whole package. Even the makeup properly applied makes such a big difference.

Some of our favorite makeovers happened on the Rachael Ray Show. One that comes to mind is an Army wife who lost weight while her husband was deployed. She didn’t tell him that she lost weight though. With the help of the Rachael Ray Show, she was able to make her new look even more stunning. Her husband was very pleasantly surprised when he saw her again for the first time.

Another amazing transformation happened when an actor named Frankie let the Rachael Ray Show give him a whole new look. Before his makeover, he had out-of-control hair, and a ragged appearance, but afterwards – wow! He looked so refined and polished, like a businessman.

Then, there’s Lisa, who Rachael Ray referred to as a “Foxy Grandma” since her last name was Fox and she’s a grandma. Lisa rides a motorcycle, and she has the style to match. Actress Susan Lucci worked with Lisa and a team of stylists to create a plan for Lisa that would update her look without taking away her edgy style.

Rachael Ray Show

Lisa said that she was ready for a transformation and okay with toning down her look a little bit. Although the idea of toning down her look might sound like the makeover wouldn’t really change very much, it certainly changed a lot about the way she looked. Like, we seriously don’t know that we would’ve recognized her afterwards.

Lisa’s boyfriend of two years was sitting in the audience. Before Lisa walked on stage for the reveal, Rachael hadn’t seen her, Lisa’s boyfriend hadn’t seen her, and even Lisa hadn’t seen herself since before the makeover started.

Everyone was blown away by the incredibly sophisticated yet still edgy biker look Lisa had post makeover. The audience cheered, and Rachael’s jaw literally dropped open. She said, “You look like literally a movie star.”

Lisa still hadn’t seen herself. When she turned around, she could hardly believe her own reflection. She said, “Today was one of the greatest days of my life.” You can’t ask for much better than that!

See what Lisa looks like post-makeover in the video below.