Having your own home means taking care of your cleaning duties too. If you’re one of those people who likes to handle household chores according to a schedule, that’s awesome. If you’re more of a free spirit, then you might wonder how often to give something a good cleaning.

Regardless of whether you fit into either of those categories, there are some things around the house that don’t get regular amounts of attention. Your kitchen table isn’t one of them. Your laundry isn’t one them. And your bathroom definitely isn’t neglected.

So, what does that leave? Places, spaces, and things that we overlook. Dust, bacteria, food, and other grime builds up over time despite doing our best in the rest of the house. Melissa from Clean My Space is here to remind us of those things we haven’t thought to clean in forever, and how often we should.

  1. Mop Heads

    Got a detachable mop head? After mopping, Melissa recommends removing it to wash immediately after a heavy-duty mop job. Wash it with other cleaning rags or cloths.

    If you don’t have a machine washable mop head, soak it in a bucket of hot water mixed with dish soap, bleach, or distilled vinegar. The next time you mop, you’ll have a clean head ready to go. It’ll save you from having to buy a new mop or refill head too!

  2. Trash or Recycling Bins

    How often have you washed your trash can? Um, not the one sitting in the kitchen. You know, the stinky outdoor receptacle that gets emptied each week? If your answer is the 32nd day of the month, you’re not alone.

    Melissa points out that the plastic can absorb odors, so you’ll want to clean your trash bin every three months or so. Hose it down and then follow up with a sprinkle of Borax that’s allowed to cure for at least 20 minutes. If feasible, grab a handled scrub brush to tackle stains. Otherwise, just rinse and let it air dry.

  3. Oven Mitts

    Image of oven mitts.Clean My Space

    Heavily used potholders get crusty and marred but rarely get a chance to take a bath. Relieve their dinginess by sticking them in the washing machine every three months. Keep in mind that frayed or scorched oven mitts should probably be replaced.

  4. Refrigerator

    Spills are easy to clean as they happen, but what about doing a purge and scrub of your fridge? Melissa suggests going in once a month to toss old, unidentifiable, or gross items from those shelves. Every three months is when you’ll want to empty it entirely and clean the shelves, crisper drawers, and walls. It’ll look almost new!


Click on the video to hear more tips from Melissa on when and how to clean neglected areas in your home, including the oven! Though they’re not on this list, we can think of some other grungy spots that might need a touch-up.

Don’t forget to clean your cleaning tools weekly or monthly! Also clear out the dirt from behind appliances, sofas, or beds a couple of times a year. Ceiling corners easily catch coats of dust, so tackle those with a broom or vacuum. Oh, and your light switches and shower curtains would probably love to be wiped down.

Which of these tips is the most helpful to you? What areas in your home do you forget to put on your cleaning checklist?