15 People Share the Foods That They’ll Just Never Agree to Eat

Many kids are picky eaters sticking to kid favorites like mac and cheese, chicken strips and french fries. That’s why you see those items on many, many kids menus. However, when kids grow up and become adults, many have certain foods they still refuse to eat. For some, it may be exotic foods that sound too weird to try. For others, simply the smell or the way it looks is a turn off.

Recipes From Heaven turned to Facebook to ask “Can you name a food that you absolutely refuse to ever eat?” The answer for many people was yes. Scroll down to discover the answers from 15 different people. Spoiler: they’re not all the same, and some of them have very specific reasons for their answer.

  1. Oysters

    Cathy Chatman answered:

    Oysters on the half shell. I can’t stand to look at them

  2. Anything from the Ocean

    Eryn Rae Palermo explained:

    Food from the water of ANY kind! Ocean or fresh. I never have besides once when I was tricked that breaded fish was breaded chicken. I was actually thinking about trying it because my only reason before was I didn’t like the smell and thought it was a silly reason to exclude an entire food category but after seeing seaspiracy I know now that it’s actually been a good thing for myself and our planet!

  3. Grapefruit

    Katie Flahiff wrote:

    To this day I cannot eat grapefruit 🤢🤢 or chicken salad made with miracle whip

  4. Rhubarb

    Karen Raulli shared:

    Now that I think about it it’s just rhubarb. I love strawberries. My mom would ruin a perfectly good pie When she put them together

  5. Caviar

    Brian Duke shared:

    Caviar. Tastes like little plastic balls of salt.

  6. Sushi

    Cynthia Babb wrote:

    Oh there’s a lot but sushi first thing that came to mind, also liver, snails

  7. Oysters and Clams

    Tracy Varner answered:

    I could name several, but I’ll just go with oysters and clams. Seriously, who was the first person to open one up and say, “Wow! This looks like snot. I wonder if it tastes good. Well, hold my beer.”?

  8. Insects

    Pamela Miranda added:

    Insects….my husband ate a chocolate covered grasshopper once

  9. Liver

    Kathy Swanson explained:

    Liver and onions. Onions are ok, but liver tastes the worst to me.

  10. Okra

    Karlene Didion answered:

    Im allergic to shellfish so have a legitimate reason to not eat oysters. I flat-out refuse to eat okra in any shape, color or form

  11. Tuna Noodle Casserole

    Paula Holzman wrote:

    Tuna Noodle Casserole that stuff looks like dog food

  12. Black Eyed Peas

    Dennis Prater shared:

    Black eyed peas. Taste like cigarette smoke smells.

  13. Meat Cooked Rare

    Nellie Wells explained:

    Can’t stand most fish. Rare cooked meat, when it is cut and the blood and puss run out of it. Looks like something infected

  14. Brussel Sprouts

    Donald Buckingham wrote:

    Brussel sprouts. Many say they taste like cabbage. I love cabbage. To me they taste like spoiled cabbage.

  15. Nothing Stinky

    Sandra Boyd answered:

    Foods that stink. Ex: shrimp, clams, lobster, crawfish, oysters, snails, etc.