13 Things That You Should Consider Taking Out of the Fridge

Let’s do a quick experiment. Open up your fridge and take a look around. Tell me, do you have plenty of extra room in there? Yep, I didn’t think so! What many people don’t know is that they don’t need to keep many common staples refrigerated. Check out this list below—we bet you have at least a few of these items unnecessarily taking up space right now!

  1. Onions

    Take a hard look in your crisper drawer—do you see an onion? If so, then get that out of there! Not only do they last longer in dry, ventilated areas, but they can also stink up your fridge!

  2. Makeup

    We know! This isn’t technically a food, but it is an item seen in many fridges. Though some specialized cosmetics like face masks do better in cool environments, a vast majority of makeup is meant to be stored at room temperature.

  3. Garlic

    Unless you don’t want Dracula getting into your chilled munchies, leave that garlic in the pantry. Refrigeration tends to suck the flavor right out of the clove.

  4. Breads and Other Baked Goods

    Oddly enough, storing baked goods in the fridge has the tendency to make them go stale faster than when left out. If you are looking to really expand the life of your treats, then the freezer is a good option.

  5. Dried Beans

    Keeping dry beans in the fridge not only takes away the flavor, it can also cause them to start sprouting. Dried beans are definitely best kept on the shelf!

  6. Ground Coffee

    Another shocker! Ground coffee actually stays better for longer when stored in a sealed air-tight container. When placed in the fridge, the coffee loses its flavor faster than in the heat.

  7. Honey

    When left in cold surroundings, honey hardens and crystalizes, making the sweetener almost impossible to pour unless left out to thaw. The good news is that an open jar of honey remains fresh for at least two years.

  8. Avocado

    Unless you’re a particularly lucky person, I’d wager to bet that your store rarely carries perfectly ripe avocados. If you want this superfood to ripen faster, don’t put them in the fridge! Cold temperatures can slow or completely stop the ripening process altogether.

  9. Cooking Oil

    With the exception of nut oil, all other cooking oils should not be refrigerated. In fact, when introduced to frigid temperatures, the oils become cloudy and start to harden.

  10. Pickles

    Believe it or not, this is a food that is packed in so much sodium and brine that there is no need for refrigeration!

  11. Soy Sauce

    Similar to pickles, this sauce contains an abundance of sodium which acts as a natural preservative.

  12. Tomatoes

    Another surprising addition to the list! Unless your kitchen remains extremely hot, there is no need to throw your tomatoes in the fridge. In fact, the cold will cause the skin to wrinkle and the pulp to become mushy.

  13. Berries

    Ever open up your fridge fruit drawer and notice fuzzy rot on your berries that you recently purchased? That’s because the cold actually makes berries turn faster than warm settings. You’re best to leave this beloved fruit out on the counter.

Are you surprised by some of the foods on this list? Do you know of any other snacks that don’t need refrigeration? Tell us all about your thoughts in the comments section below!