This looks like a regular old picnic table, the kind you have in your backyard or you’d see at the park. Rest assured, it IS a picnic table, completely usable for all your barbecuing! The catch? It’s not JUST a picnic table. This perfectly normal-looking picnic table is actually a bench in disguise! Don’t believe us? Watch the quick video below to see how this space-saving table can seamlessly turn from a table into a bench.

Transforming this bench to a table (and vice versa) is so simple! When in “bench mode” you simply have to grab the front of the seat and pull it forward into a table. For the “table mode”, you take one of the seats and push it backwards to make it collapse into a bench. Both ways are extremely sturdy!

This bench/table is a model made by TM Plastics and is capable of holding up to 6 adults. This impressive bench/table is not only a sturdy piece of outdoor furniture, but it’s also a major space-saver for smaller yards! Plus, of course, a great conversation starter.