If ever there was something in this world that represents both the bane of existence and a pride in conquering, it is the dang fitted sheet. Let’s not pretend they aren’t universally reviled for how difficult it is to fold them.

Should someone invent a replacement or a doohickey that eliminates the challenge that they create, most of us would celebrate as we buy the invention in bulk for ourselves, friends, and family. Until that happens though, we can rely on those who are like the Obi-Wans of this fitted sheet folding game.

We appreciate those masters who can show us how to get the job done and save us from giving up, rolling these sheets up and stuffing them into the closet. Now, we must admit we don’t know who the guy is in this video, but we think the way he speaks and instructs us is worthy of a professorship.

Get a load of this high wizardry and take notes so you too can learn how to tame the monster that is the fitted sheet. Once you get the hang of it, your level of mastery will be unmatched. May the folds be with you!

Do you have fitted sheet challenges? What’s your go-to strategy for them? What are your thoughts on this video?