It’s a safe argument to make that your bedding is one of the most important things in your home to keep clean. Makes sense, doesn’t it? You sleep in it every night after a day of getting covered in dirt and other unpleasant things. Unless you shower every night before bed, you’re bringing some nasty things between the sheets. Even if you DO shower before bed, sweat and dirt can still build up right where you lay your head down to rest. Sorry, but it’s true. But washing bedding is such a pain. How do you wash and dry it correctly, and how on earth do you fold those darn fitted sheets?! Luckily, this bizarre mystery (and other bedding conundrums) are explained beautifully in the video below. Consider it your official Bedding 101.

Mary Elizabeth shares so many great bedding tips in this video, so we thought we’d highlight our favorites!


While you should wash your sheets every week, you only need to wash your comforter and pillows every 3 – 6 months.

If you have a down comforter, make sure there’s plenty of room for it in the washer – you don’t want to jam all the feathers in because they will get ruined! Front loading washers usually work best, so we suggest trying a laundromat if you don’t have one at home.

Make sure to dry on a low setting. Quick pro tip: throw in some towels with your comforter. This will help absorb the moisture and dry your comforter most effectively.


It’s crucial to wash your mattress cover! It is really what you’re laying on 8 hours a night, so it takes the brunt of our grossness.

When putting the tricky fitted sheet back on, start with the hardest corner (the furthest corner away) to make the whole process easier. For her flat sheet, Mary Elizabeth likes to put hers on upside down and then fold it back, so to the observer you’re only seeing the patterned part of the sheet.


You should really have an extra set of sheets. For guests or just for you, too! When storing these sheets, fold them all and stick them inside of an inside out pillow case. This keeps everything organized and the pillow case stays clean for your next use.


In this extra bonus tip, Mary Elizabeth shows us how to fold the dreaded fitted sheet.

STEP 1: Hold the sheet long ways in both of the corners.
STEP 2: Bring your right hand to meet your left hand and fold the corner over the left.
STEP 3: Use your right hand to replace your left, and use your left hand to shake out the bottom of the sheet until the corners naturally meet.
STEP 4: Raise the left side again, with your hand back in the left over.
STEP 5: Repeat step 2, bringing the right to meet the left and folding it over the left corner.
STEP 6: Fold into a square shape and place on a flat surface.
STEP 7: Fold normally!

That’s a bit difficult to visualize, so we highly suggest giving the video above a watch to see how it’s done first hand and to learn a lot of other nifty bedding tips! If you’re only interested in the fitted sheet info, start the video at 4:30.

Do you have any bedding tips to share? Please do! Share them in the comments section below.