Everybody knows how to make mashed potatoes, right? Just boil some potatoes, mash them up, add some spices and milk or cream, and call it a day! So why is this Thanksgiving dinner staple so difficult to get exactly right? More often than not, the potatoes turn into a thick, gloppy paste that’s anything but appetizing. To get the real, fluffy favorite, we need to change up the way we’re making them, and who better to show us than Thomas Joseph of Everyday Food’s Kitchen Conundrums? We’ve never seen potatoes made this way before, but now we’re not going to make them any other way!

Did you catch those three big tips? To recap:

  1. Make sure you’re using the right potatoes! Russets are the best, followed closely Yukon golds.
  2. When it comes to mashing, use a ricer rather than a food processor, blender or mixer.
  3. Get the creamy texture with equal parts milk and butter, and add your favorite spices to the dairy mixture first to avoid over-mixing those potatoes.

So smart! What do you think of this method? Have you ever made mashed potatoes this way before, or do you stand by your own way? Share your favorite tricks with us!