Although vacation season is technically any time you want it to be, spring and summer warmth wake up those feelings of soaring off to a distant locale. Relaxing in sunshine, turquoise waters, and cocktail bliss sounds just about right.

Now that your thoughts are in the right place, think of all the food you can eat while away. Food that you don’t have to cook. It’s one of the highlights of traveling, and in the interest of culinary exploration, you’ll want to make a quick dip to St. John in the Caribbean.

As of March 12, the island – which is part of the U.S. Virgin Islands – is home to a floating taco and cocktail stand. Lime Out is a solar-powered restaurant that sits atop the sea, the first of its kind in the Caribbean. If pirates were still around, they’d love it.

Lime Out is the creation of local restaurateurs, Richard and Chelsea Baranowski, owners of a St. John eatery, Lime Inn bar and restaurant. Lime Inn and Lime Out. Clever, isn’t it?

The floating food stand features a swim-up cocktail bar that’s equipped with stools so swimmers can rest while they imbibe. There’s a platform for customers to pull up to via boat, kayak, inflatable, or paddleboard. Upon watery arrival, sit and nosh on taco options like the rum rib, ceviche, green curry chicken, or vegan black bean and quinoa.

Craft cocktails go for $12 a pop and you can choose from unique blends that include ingredients such as chili-infused tequila or soursop puree. Accessible 200 feet off the island’s shore, Lime Out also delivers to boats, making it perfect for your yacht party or aspiring yacht gathering.

Besides cooling out with some good food and good company, patrons will also be happy about Lime Out’s eco-friendly practices. In keeping with its green theme, the restaurant’s menus are waterproof and recyclable, and its cups and food packaging are either biodegradable or recycle-ready.

Reusable tumblers and other Lime Out merch is also available for purchase. You can even bring your own cups for your cocktails! Since it’s been open Lime Out has been getting a lot of love on social media. Tourists have popped over to the taco hut more than once because the food is that good.

If you are planning a trip to V.I. anytime soon and want to experience Lime Out’s offerings, know that the taco joint is open Tuesday through Sunday. Keep up with the eatery on social media to find out about promos and menu specials.

Pack your stuff and head to the clear waters of St. John where you can pull up to this swim-thru taco joint. Be sure to order one of those Coco Coladas for us. Who’s hungry?

Have you ever eaten from a floating food stand before? Are you hungry for some of Lime Out’s food and drinks? Did you know that there wasn’t a floating restaurant in the Caribbean before this one?


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