How This Woman Re-Vamps Her Kitchen by Using Magnets and Wood

Sometimes making a small change can yield BIG results! When it comes to re-decorating and organizing, it’s all about making the best out of the space that you already have. Case in point is the knife block alternative that we are going to show you today. Getting rid of that cumbersome piece of wood can be a smart (and chic!) space-saving solution for your countertop!

This tip comes from the DIY masters over at OWN. In their video, they show you how to make a gorgeous floating knife holder made out of upcycled wood and magnets. We have the breakdown on how to make one of these trusty guys down below. Let’s first gather your materials.

  • 18” wood plank (Note: if yours is dull or splintered, treat it using this technique first)
  • Power tool with a pilot hole drill bit
  • 40 small circular magnets (number of magnets will depend on how many knives you have in your set; if you have more than 10, the ratio is 4 magnets: 1 knife)
  • Wood glue
  • Metal picture hangers and screws
  • Safety glasses
  • Pencil
  • Tape
  1. Drill your holes

    Before you get to drilling, take your bit and hold it up to the side of your plank. Give it several centimeters of room on the long-end, then add a piece of tape. This mark will act as a reference point so that you do not end up drilling a hole that goes through the front side of the plank!

    Attach your pilot hole drill bit and start making vertical rows of holes that are four deep. Each row will act as the “holder” for one of your knives. So, if you have ten knifes in your collection, be prepared to drill 40 holes.

  2. Attach your magnets

    Add a drop of wood glue to the holes, then place a magnet into each one. Apply some pressure to the surface of the magnets and allow time for drying.

  3. Let it hang

    Drill a couple of metal wall hangers onto the back of the plank. Our host says that it is best to center them lower – about 1” from the top – so that they don’t end up being visible.

    If you’re sick of using that power tool, reusable plastic adhesive hooks should work well on this project—just make sure that they are rated for the weight of your rack and knives before committing.

Pretty cool project, huh? Well, we’re not quite finished yet! Go ahead and click on OWN’s video below for more expert advice on how to make one of your own. You will also get to see the end result of this shabby chic classic. If you’re particularly industrious, we think that one of these would make a great Father’s Day gift. It’s never too early to start planning!

What are your thoughts on this rustic floating knife holder? Have you made a similar one yourself? If so, do you have any words of wisdom for your fellow DIYers? Tell us all about your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below!